Welcome to TodoWarframe

Let us introduce what is this Warframe platform for.

Here we will share our experience as players with you, everything we have learned in these years with great moments of laughs, tears and suffering (and for sure many of you know what are we talking about).

We have completed all Warframe stages, one by one until today, and we know that Warframe universe is huge and has plenty of possibilities. We are sure that this universe will evolve beyond our imagination over the next few years.

We are people with different points of view in comparison with other fan made Warframe platforms and we will show it. Also we want you to help us evolving this humble idea with your knowledge about this awesome game. We will make mistakes, but there you are to put some light in those times, everyone has a voice in this platform.

The main idea behind this platform is to help players with information of all different branches of Warframe, best places for farming, different strategies facing different situations, weapons, warframes, walkthroughs, companions, builds, market and much more.

But also we want you to feel this platform as yours, evolve with us, improve with us, your help will be appreciated, it is a promise.

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