• Melee Weapon: Paracesis

    The Paracesis, a powerful broadsword able to reach Rank 40. Here you can see how you can obtain this exceptional sword and make the most of its capabilities, Tenno.

    Paracesis P
  • Quest: Chimera Prologue

    Ballas fate is revealed in this quest, Chimera Prologue. Here you can see our guide, completely free of spoilers, about this intriguing quest in Warframe universe.

    Chimera Prologue
    Chimera Prologue Prólogo de Quimera part 2
  • Prime Access: Chroma Prime

    A new Prime Access arrives! Chroma Prime appears along with the Rubico Prime and the Gram Prime. Here you can see all the details about this Prime Access, Tenno

    Prime Access: Chroma Prime
    Chroma Prime Access
  • Fortuna and The Orb Vallis

    Under the dense clouds of Venus The Orb Vallis and the city of Fortuna rises, a settlement populated by Solarians.

    Fortuna and The Orb Vallis
  • Trading

    Here you will find all the information about warframe trading, from which items can be traded to how earn more platinum with other Tenno



Where you can find every resource existing in Warframe universe, including special Resources and highlighting the places and strategies to make its farming easier


In this category it’s found everything related with Warframe trading. From basic guides for beginners to useful advice for advanced players.


All the relevant information about Relics, where you can find them and what you can get from every one of them; also the suitable places to make its farming easier

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