1. Acolyte Angst.
  2. Stats.
  3. Combat Strategies.
  4. Rewards.

Acolyte Angst

Be careful, Tenno, Angst has arrived. One of Stalker’s most sadistic Acolytes.

Like all Acolytes, Angst will be a challenge for any Tenno, being the most aggressive of them all.


Shield: 200Impact ++
Ice ++
Magnetic +++
Puncture –
Radiation –
Flesh: 350Slash +
Toxic ++
Viral ++
Impact –
Gas –
Angustia Angst Acolito Acolyte

Although she uses a Valkyr Warframe, her abilities and her mind have become in something so different that is almost unrecognizable. Angst can use against you Ash’s Teleportation ability.

Honestly, if facing Valkyr is alredy… lethal (to put it midly), a Valkyr with Ash’s Teleportation ability can become your worst nightmare.

The second ability she uses against you is not from a Warframe, but from one of the greatest infested beings known so far. This ability is Phorid’s Sonic Scream, with it she will weaken little by little the shields of all Tenno within her reach.

You already know her abilities, now you must know that Angst doesn’t use weapons, because her claws are enough to pierce any armor, no matter how hard it is. Remember, a Valkyr doesn’t need weapons to be deadly, even less when she uses Hysteria, her fourth ability.

Yes Tenno… culminate this killing machine, who can teleport to your back and shut down your shields, you have to add the fact that she can enter in berserk mode. Seriously, good luck if you cross her path, I hope you are prepared.

Combat Strategies

  • Like most Acolytes, you have to take advantage of the first moments of combat. Slow her down has to be your primary objective, because this will grant you a few vital seconds to survive this fight.
  • Once she is slowed down, use abilities to diminish the defenses of this Acolyte to increase the efficiency of your weapons or boost the offensive capability of your squad to increase the damage you do.

  • And last but not least, try to finish her as fast as you can, because her high mobility and her ability to enter in berserk mode can make any hit you take the last one. Use your best weapons and try to use a build which take advantage of the weak spots of this aggressive fighter.


The rewards you ca obtain from the Angst Acolyte are:

Body Count (50%)

Body Count

A Melee mod which increases combo duration in +12 seconds.

Spring-Loaded Chamber (23%)

Spring-Loaded Chamber

A Rifle mod which increases the rate of fire in +75% when you recharge for 9 seconds while aiming.

Repeater Clip (23%)

Repeater Clip

A Shotgun mod which increases the rate of fire in +105% when you recharge for 9 seconds while aiming.

Pressurized Magazine (4%)

Pressurized Magazine

A Pistol Mod which increases the rate of fire in +90% when you recharge for 9 seconds while aiming.

And that’s all we can tell, Tenno. We hope you can obtain the reward you are looking for before this event ends.

We hope this information is helpful for you, Tenno. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information, let us know through the comments below.

Do not let your guard down in fornt of these Acolytes, Tenno.

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