1. Acolyte Malice.
  2. Stats.
  3. Combat Strategies.
  4. Rewards.

Acolyte Malice

Contemplate Malice, Tenno. Unlike other Stalker’s Acolytes, Malice is cold and calculating, and never charges into the battlefield without a well-laid plan.

Like the rest of the Acolytes, Malice will make you suffer for every second that combat lasts, and you don’t want it to last more than a few seconds, Tenno.


  • Stats
  • Shield: 200
  • Flesh: 350
  • Weakness
  • Impact ++
    Ice ++
    Magnetic +++
  • Slash +
    Toxic ++
    Viral ++
  • Resistance
  • Puncture –
    Radiation –
  • Impact –
    Gas –
Malicia Malice Acolito Acolyte

Despite you will be in front of a Frost Warframe, his abilities and memories are a reflection of how Stalker can change people (or maybe Malice was always like that). He is able to use Mag’s Magnetize, so moving to avoid his Opticor beam won’t be an option any more.

If you don’t get close enough, he will not doubt to vaporize you with the Opticor, so it won’t be a good idea to keep a distance. Besides this anti-air cannon, if you dare to get close enough, Malice will try to string you with his Heat Sword, scattering your remains throughout the battlefield.

And last but not least, Malice also has the possibility to summon combat drones that will go after you when they have your location. Do not underestimate this drones, Tenno, any distraction can make the difference between life and death.

Combat Strategies

  • As all Acolytes, the first stages of this combat will be the most important ones. Your priority will be to slow down this Acolyte, so you can reduce his reactions and you will have more maneuver options.
  • The second step will be to take advantage that Malice is slowed down to use abilities to reduce his defenses or increase the damage your squadron does.

  • Finally, try to eliminate him as fast as you can so he can not react to your attacks. Use your most powerful weaponry, and a build which takes advantages of the weakness of this methodical hunter.


The rewards you can get for defeating Malice Acolyte are:

Focused Defense (50%)

Focused Defense

A Melee mod which grants +20% armor bonus while channeling, but a -140% penalty in channeling efficiency.

Guided Ordnance (23%)

Guided Ordnance

A Rifle mod which grants +30% precision for 9 seconds while aiming.

Targeting Subsystem (23%)

Targeting Subsystems

A Pistol mod which grants +30% precision for 9 seconds while aiming.

Narrow Barrel (4%)

Narrow Barrel

A Shotgun mod which grants +30% precision for 9 seconds while aiming.

And that’s all. We hope you survive this confrontation, on our part we have offered you all the information you need to help you to defeat Malice. However, remember that every fight carries a risk, and not all soldiers who went to battle comes back. Do not lower your guard, Tenno.

We hope this information is useful for you. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information, let us know through the comments below.

Do not let your guard down in front of these Acolytes, Tenno.

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