1. Acolyte Mania.
  2. Stats.
  3. Combat Strategies.
  4. Rewards.

Acolyte Mania

His only goal is to spread chaos and mayhem through the entire Solar System, he is Mania, Tenno. You are in front of the most unpredictable Stalker Acolyte, be careful.

Like all Acolytes, Mania will test the limit of any Tenno who fights against him. Be prepared for an intense and difficult combat and you will be victorious.


Shield: 200Impact ++
Ice ++
Magnetic +++
Puncture –
Radiation –
Flesh: 350Slash +
Toxic ++
Viral ++
Impact –
Gas –
Mania Acolito Acolyte

Mania uses a Loki Warframe, despite all the changes in his external appearance, there is still a bit of the original essence of this Waframe under his impassive armor. His tactics will be to go into close combat and, to do that, he uses his Switch Teleport ability, to exchange his position with a Tenno, taking a member of the squad out of the combat, weakening the rest and attacking by surprise the rest of the squad members.

Moreover, to avoid your ranged attacks, Mania will use the ability Turbulence, which deflects any projectile, protecting him from any ranged attack.

Be careful with his Lacera, Tenno, is a weapon effective in short distances and at middle range, because is a chain sword with a blade at one end.

Combat Strategies

  • Like all the Acolytes, your better chance is in the initial seconds. Your main objective will be to slow down Mania to obtain a few extra seconds.
  • Once you have slowed him down, you must focus on enhance the attack of your squad or diminish Mania’s defenses.

  • Finally, try to eliminate him as soon as possible. I recommend you to use your most powerful weapons in this confrontation, and a build to take advantage of the weak spots of this evil agent of chaos.


The rewards you can get by defeating Mania Acolyte are:

Catalizer Link (50%)

Catalyzer Link

A Rifle mod which grants +60% status probability for 9 seconds while aiming when you use an ability.

Embedded Catalyzer (23%)

Embedded Catalyzer

A Pistol mod which grants +90% status probability for 9 seconds while aiming when you use an ability.

Weeping Wounds (23%)

Weeping Wounds

A Melee mod which accumulates with the combo mutiplier a +45% Status probability.

Nano-Applicator (4%)


A Shotgun mod which grants +90% status probability for 9 seconds while aiming when you use an ability.

I hope you all survive this confrontation and get your well-deserved reward, Tenno. On our part, that’s all we can tell.

We hope this information is helpful, Tenno. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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