1. Acolite Misery.
  2. Stats.
  3. Combat Strategy.
  4. Rewards.
    1. Common.
    2. Uncommon.
    3. Rare.

Acolyte Misery

Being in front of him is like looking Death itself in the eyes, Tenno. He is Misery, a Stalker Acolyte so twisted that death is only the beginning of his torment.

Misery is not like other Acolytes, Tenno. He prefers to focus more on controlling his surroundings than on the direct and physical combat. Do not underestimate him, Tenno, if he does not get closer to you is not because he is afraid or weak, it is because he enjoys seeing how the souls of the ones he defeat fight against his enemies.


Shield: 200Impact ++
Ice ++
Magnetic +++
Puncture –
Radiation –
Flesh: 4000Slash +
Toxic ++
Viral ++
Impact –
Gas –
Miseria Misery Acolito Acolyte

Misery uses a Nekros Warframe, and he is the only one of Stalker’s Acolytes who keeps his abilities intact, unfortunately it can not be said the same of his mind. Against you he will use Soul Punch, to knock you down, making you loose a precious time, and probably the life.

On the other side, he also uses Shadows of the Death, to summon allies who will attack you mercilessly. He will use this ability again if he is threatened.

At this point, if you are still alive and you have caused enough damage to be a real threat for Misery, he can summon both Angst and Violence. This is the last card under his sleeve, so if you arrive here, you just only need one last effort to defeat him and get your well deserved reward.

Combat Strategy

  • Like the rest of Stalker’s Acolytes, is in the first moment of the confrontation when all is decided. You have to focus on slow down Misery, this way you will drastically reduce his reaction capacity.
  • When you have slowed him down, use abilities to enhance the damage of your squad or reduce the resistances of your enemy.

  • Finally, defeat him as fast as possible. In a second Misery can turn the tides of combat, summoning powerful allies and knocking you down so you can defend yourself. Select your best weapons for this fight, and try to use a build to take advantage of the weak spots of his twisted necromancer.


The rewards you can obtain from Misery are any of the mods of the other Acolytes:

Common Mods

Body Count (8,6%)

Body Count

Focused Defense (25%)

Focused Defense

Shrapnel Shot (8,6%)

Shrapnel Shot

Catalyzer Link (8,6%)

Catalyzer Link

Hydraulic Crosshairs (8,6%)

Hydraulic Crosshairs

Uncommon Mods

Blood Rush (3,7%)

Blood Rush

Sharpened Bullets (3,7%)

Sharpened Bullets

Spring-Loaded Chamber (3,7%)

Spring-Loaded Chamber

Repeater Clip (3,7%)

Repeater Clip

Embedded Catalyzer (3,7%)

Embedded Catalyzer

Weeping Wounds (3,7%)

Weeping Wounds

Laser Sight (3,7%)

Laser Sight

Bladed Rounds (3,7%)

Bladed Rounds

Guided Ordnance (3,7%)

Guided Ordnance

Targeting Subsystem (3,7%)

Targeting Subsystems

Rare Mods

Narrow Barrel (0,7%)

Narrow Barrel

Pressurized Magazine (0,7%)

Pressurized Magazine

Maiming Strike (0,7%)

Maiming Strike

Argon Scope (0,7%)

Argon Scope

Nano-Applicator (0,7%)


And that’s all we can tell, Tenno. We hope you can get the mods you are looking for, something that, as you can see, is not easy. Congratulations to the lucky ones and for the rest the only thing I can say is keep trying.

We hope this information is helpful for you and serves you in your fight. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Do not let your guard down in front of these Acolytes, Tenno.

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