1. Acolyte Torment
  2. Stats.
  3. Combat Strategies.
  4. Rewards.

Acolyte Torment

Here it is, Torment. One of the most vicious Stalker Acolytes.

Like all Acolytes, Torment will push you to find your own combat limits, because you need all your ability to defeat her. She tries to put you at a disadvantage to finish you off when you lower your guard.


Shield: 200Impact ++
Ice ++
Magnetic +++
Puncture –
Radiation –
Flesh: 350Slash +
Toxic ++
Viral ++
Impact –
Gas –
Tormento Torment Acolitos Acolytes

Despite of using a Mesa Warframe, the abilities of this Stalker Acolyte have been altered as much or more than her mind. She is able to use against you Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage and Tidal Surge. The first one will melt your armor, and the second one will knock you down. Believe me, it is not advisable to be hit by neither of two.

The weapon she uses is an Akvasto, of course is heavily modified to increase the lethality of each bullet.

Combat Strategies

  • Like the most of the Acolytes, you will have to make the most of the first seconds. Slowing her down will be crucial, because this will allow you to gain a few precious seconds.
  • After you slow her down, you have to take advantage of abilities which either increase the damage of the Squad, or diminish the Acolyte’s resistances.

  • And finally, try to finish her as fast as you can. Use your best weapons and try to make your Build take advantage of the weaknesses of this shadow huntress.


The rewards you ca obtain from the Torment Acolyte are:

Hydraulic Crosshairs (50%)

Hydraulic Crosshairs

A Pistol mod which, after you shoot an enemy in the head, will increase your critical chance while aiming in 135% for 9 seconds.

Blood Rush (23%)

Blood Rush

A Melee weapons mod which grant you a 165% critical chance stacks with Combo Multiplier.

Laser Sight (23%)

Laser Sight

A Shotgun mod which, on headshot, will grant a 120% of critical chance while aiming.

Argon Scope (4%)

Argon Scope

A Rifle mod which, on headshot, will increase your critical chance while aiming in 135% for 9 seconds.

And that’s all, Tenno. We hope you have all got the Argon Scope mod, one of the most coveted by all Tenno.

We hope this information is helpful for you, and serves you in battle. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Do not let your guard down in front of these Acolytes, Tenno.

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