1. Acolyte Violence.
  2. Stats.
  3. Combat Strategies.
  4. Rewards.

Acolyte Violence

Watch Tenno, here you can see Violence, one of Stalker’s most lethal Acolytes.

This is a formidable enemy, trained by the Stalker himself, able to eliminate his enemies in a blink. Do not underestimate neither his combat capability nor his resistance, or it maybe the last thing you do.


Shield: 200Impact ++
Ice ++
Magnetic +++
Puncture –
Radiation –
Flesh: 350Slash +
Toxic ++
Viral ++
Impact –
Gas –
Violencia Violence Acolito Acolyte

Despite being equipped with a Limbo Warframe, his abilities and personality have twisted to unsuspected limits. Violence is able to use against you the Frost’s Ice wave and Excalibur’s Slash Dash.

And the last and more dangerous of Violence’s abilities is Banshee’s Silence, but with the effects this ability has in combats against other Tenno (PvP), so all warframes who are within 20 meters can not use their abilities.

The weapons he uses are a Destreza in the right hand and a Venka gauntlet in the left hand. Both Melee weapons have been modified to increase their probability to cause Slash effect.

Combat Strategies

  • As with most Acolytes, the first seconds of the combat will be crucial. You can win a precious time and hinder his reactions if you can Slow him down.
  • After you slow him down, I advise you to use abilities to improve the offensive capability of the squad or diminish the defenses of this Acolyte (or both to make the combat even easier).

  • Finally, I can only tell you to finish with him as soon as possible, every second Violence is alive is a second closer to your painful deaths. Use your most powerful weapons and a build which takes advantage of the weakness of this sneaky killer.


The rewards you ca obtain from the Torment Violence are:

Shrapnel Shot (50%)

Shrapnel Shot

A Shotgun mod which increases the critical damage in +99% for 9 seconds while aiming after a kill.

Sharpened Bullets (23%)

Sharpened Bullets

A Rifle mod which increases, on kill, the critical damage in +120% for 9 seconds while aiming.

Bladed Rounds (23%)

Bladed Rounds

A Rifle mod which increases, on kill, the critical damage in +120% for 9 seconds while aiming.

Maiming Strike (4%)

Maiming Strike

A Melee mod which increases the critical chance in +90% in sliding strikes.

And that’s all, Tenno. We hope you can obtain all these rewards before this event finishes.

We hope this information is useful for you and helps you to overcome this event. As always, if you find any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Do not let your guard down in front of these Acolytes, Tenno.

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