How to get Ostron Standing Points fast

As I mentioned, the Ostron Standing has a particular functioning, and there is several options to get Standing Points, among them, it can be said that stands out one over the rest.

The most efficient way to get Ostron Standing Points is simple, Fishing. Yes Tenno, fishing is the fastest way. In one hour of fishing at night, and knowing what to do, you will be able to accumulate enough Standing Points for several days.

What to fish to get Ostron Standing Points


What you are looking for are Murkrays, which you can find at night, from dusk till dawn, and the most suitable place is the coastal area on the right (East), when you go out through the gates of Cetus to the Plains of Eidolon.

Murkrays Fishing

You need a Special Bait to attract this preys, you will find it in the Hai-Luk fisher store, on Cetus. To be able to craft this bait you need at least one diurnal fishing day (by day) to catch Mortus Lungfish, Traloks and Goopollas.

Once you have the Bait, you will need the Lanzo Harpoon, because with this Harpoon you catch the Murkrays with one hit. Each Fish has its weakness, either Bait or Harpoon, but you can see it with more detail in the Fishing Guide (Coming Soon).

What you are looking for are water areas where you can see the fish movements, you can see it looking the white circles which appear in the surface (appearing and disappearing). Get closer, place the Bait and use the Luminos dye, you’ll just have to wait a few seconds for the Murkrays to appear.

When you have captured every Murkray wait a few seconds, if they do not appear again use another Bait in the same place. If in 10 or 15 seconds they don’t appear, move to another near place where you can see the fish movement and repeat the process. Bait, Luminos, Catch, Wait, Bait, Catch/Move.

Zona de Pesca Fishing area

Why Murkrays?

The reason about this is because the Bait you need is easier and “cheap” to get. You only need to reach the Visitor Level, which is quite simple.

Besides, Murkrays often appear in large numbers in the same area, you only need the Lanzo Harpoon which is the first you get, and catch them is easy.

Inconveniences of Fishing at Night

Fishing enemies

If a Murkray don’t appear in 10 or 15 seconds, move and don’t waste your time in that area. The night passes quickly and is not advisable to waste time.

Don’t worry about the Eidolon Vomvalyst, if you ignore them they don’t have to attack you, but be careful with the Grineer patrols.

Where to exchange the Murkrays for Standing Points

Once you have catched the Murkrays, you’ll have to go back to Cetus to talk with Hai-Luk Fisher, choose the Option “Fishing Services”, select the Murkrays you want to exchange, and finally choose the option “Provide”.

In this option appears the value in Ostron Standing Points of the selected Fish, and in parentheses the daily maximum you have. If you exceed this daily limit you will loose the leftover points. Be careful with that, Tenno.


What you want is to get Ostron Standing Points quickly, and for that, search Murkrays, which appear at Night. You need Special Baits and Lanzo Harpoon, being the East Coastal Area where there are more Murkrays.

In a good Murkray Fishing Night, you can get more than 60 specimens, the most with small or medium size. Knowing that the minimum Standing you can get from a small Murkray are 500, and the maximum 1000 Points. We are talking about 40,000 Points in one night, being the daily maximum 24,000, this means you can get enough points for a week in three fishing Nights approximately.

We hope you’ll find this information useful. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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