Advanced Guide: Riven Mods

At this point we will obviate all basic information about these mods. If you have any doubt about the basis of how Riven Mods work, see the Riven Mods Basic Guide.

1. How many possible effects can a Riven Mod have?

Riven Mods effects

In total, a Riven Mod can be the result of a huge amount of effects, with many different attributes which affect your weapons. Some of these attributes are common for all weapons, others will be exclusive of the firearms or melee.

Common attributes (15):

  1. Damage against Corpus.
  2. Damage against Grineer.
  3. Damage against Infested.
  4. Heat Damage.
  5. Electric Damage.
  6. Cold Damage.
  7. Toxic Damage.
  8. Damage.
  9. Critical Chance.
  10. Critical Damage.
  11. Slash Damage.
  12. Impact Damage.
  13. Puncture Damage.
  14. Status Chance.
  15. Status Duration.

Firearms Attributes (8): Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols.

  1. Maximum ammunition.
  2. Fire rate.
  3. Magazine.
  4. Multishot.
  5. Projectile flight speed.
  6. Punch Through.
  7. Recoil.
  8. Zoom.

Melee Weapons Attributes (7):

  1. Channeling Damage.
  2. Channeling Efficiency.
  3. Combo Duration.
  4. Critical Chance on Slide Attack .
  5. Finisher Damage.
  6. Attack Speed.
  7. Reach.

Any of these effects can be positive or negative, combining each other up to 4 in the same mod (+2/3; -0/1).

Another thing to keep in mid will be the polarity of these mods, being totally random the chance to get a mod of one or another polarity. This can mean the need to use a Forma in your favorite weapons to be able to install one of these mods.

2. How do the effects interact with each other?

Riven Mods effects interaction

If a Riven Mod has a negative effect, the other positive effects will be boosted. This way a negative effect which not affect your build will be an interesting variable to keep in mind.

3. Rerolls in Riven Mods

We already talked about how to do a reroll in Riven Mods in the Basic Guide. Here we will talk about more in depth to shed some light on this topic.

As you know, any unveiled Riven mod can change. To do that you need Kuva, huge amounts of Kuva I’m afraid. The cost will be the following ones depending on the amount of rerolls you have done:

Riven Mods 1st reroll
RerollsKuva Cost

As many of you know, there are some different missions where you can get im… I was gonna say “important amount”, but let’s not fool ourselves, there will never be enough Kuva, it is what it is. This missions appear in those planets near the Kuva Fortress, and are the Kuva Siphon (600 Kuva per mission) or Kuva floods (1200 Kuva per mission).

There are ways to get some more Kuva, but we talk about that in the Advanced Guide for Kuva Farm.

Whenever you do a reroll you can decide if you accept the version with the new effects or if you prefer to keep the old ones. Be careful Tenno, once you choose there is no turning back, the mod will keep the stats you decide.

4. Do the rerolls affect something else?

Yes, of course Tenno. This is a world of consequences, and you can not escape from them. But returning to the topic, the rerolls of a Riven Mods will affect the amount of Endo you can get from them.

We have been able to find out that the amount of Endo depend on:

  • The required Mastery Rank.
Endo and Riven Mods MR9-16
  • The Rank of the Riven Mod.
Endo and Riven Mods Rank0-8
  • The amount of Rerolls.
Endo and Riven Mods rerolls

5. Riven mods Transmutation

Riven Transmutation

That’s it Tenno, what many of us were waiting for is finally going to become a reality. The ability to turn 4 Riven mods of the same type, into a veiled mod of the same type.

This means that you can combine mods you don’t want of four pistols (no matter if is the same or not), and using the Riven Transmuter. An item which, it seems, you can obtain defeating the new Eidolons in the Plains of Eidolon.

In order to get the Riven Transmuters you must accept and complete the Triple Eidolon (Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst) Capture Bounty Konzu offers. Once you finish it, you will get two Riven Transmuters.

Riven Transmuters are NOT tradeable.

And that’s all we can tell about Riven Mods, a lot of information to assimilate, do not hurry.

As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Step by step, Tenno.

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