Advanced Guides

Let’s start bluntly, Tenno.

In this section of Advanced Guides you are going to find advice which will help you to go further and faster in your travel through the Warframe Universe. Many of you already know how to do most things we will talk about here, but this sections is not just about “doing things”, because in each entry you are going to see here you will find secrets, tricks or shortcuts which very few know.

This Advanced Guides will give you the advantage you need to accomplish your objectives in a more effective way, making the most of your time and cutting through the most unsuspected paths to take advantage in any situations we will talk about here.

If you are here you already know how we work, and if you are new in our website you will soon discover it. We like to check everything so we can explain deeply any challenge we all face sooner or later. This doesn’t mean that we never make a mistake, we assume we don’t know anything, but we count on your support to correct any error or complete any guide to help better all Tenno in the Origin System.

For anyone who wants to give us their help and share their knowledge, we remind you can do it through the comments. Together we will make it possible for all Tenno to be more safe out there, inside the darkness of the space.

United we prevail, Tenno.

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