1. What is the Arsenal?
  2. What can you do in the Arsenal?
    1. Warframes.
    2. Weapons.
    3. Companions.
    4. Gear.
    5. Emotes.
  3. Other Options:
    1. Select Mode.
    2. Loadout Options.

Welcome, Tenno.

Here you are going to find all the basic information you must know about your Arsenal to make the most of the capabilities of your ship.

1. What is the Arsenal?

The Arsenal is the Console where you can see, modify and equip your Warframes, Weapons and Companions. Moreover, is where you can manage your Gear Wheel and Gestures.

2. What can you do in the Arsenal?

We are going to divide this section so we can explain easily each option.

2.1 Warframes

As for the Warframes you have four options:

  • Upgrade: Where you can install mods for your warframes and improve them. You can also do certain actions, like auto install mods, install Formas, Orokin Reactors and Focus Lens.
Arsenal Warframe Upgrade EN
  • Equip: Where you can see the warframes you have and change between the ones you have to adapt to any situation. You can also buy with Platinum the ones you don’t have from here without going to the Market Console (Those privileged who can afford it)
Arsenal Warframe Equip EN
  • Appearance: In this section you can change the aesthetics of your warframe, colors, attachments, badges, etc. Here you can also access to the “Captura Mode” and use Scenes.
Arsenal Weapons Appearance
  • Abilities: Where you can see the descriptions and stats of the abilities of your warframes and see the effects of the mods installed on them.
Arsenal Warframe Abilities EN

2.2 Weapons

There are Three types of Weapons: Primary, Secondary and Melee. In all of them you can do the same actions through your Arsenal.

  • Equip: Like the warframes, here you can equip the different weapons you have. In this section you can also buy weapons and, unlike the warframes, some of them can also be bought with credits and others with platinum.
Arsenal Weapons Equip EN
  • Appearance: Where you can change the colors, attachments and
Arsenal Weapons Appearance
  • Upgrade: This is the option where you can install mods in your weapons to improve them. You can also install Formas, Focus Lens and Orokin catalysts.

2.3 Companions

In this sections you can equip your Companions, both your Pets and Sentinels. You have the next options:

  • Equip: Where you can equip the Companions you have.
Arsenal Companions Equip EN
  • Appearance: This options is to change any aesthetic aspect: Colors, weapons and Badges.
Arsenal Companion Appearance EN
  • Upgrade: Here you can use and install mods in your Companions.
Arsenal Companions Upgrade EN

2.4 Gear

Here you can manage the gear you want to carry to battle, equipping them in the empty slots or changing for others. To use them in your missions you can access the Gear Wheel pressing “Q”

2.5 Emotes

It serves to select the gestures you want to use during missions. To change them, select the one you don’t want and change it for another. To use them during missions you have to press “Q”, like the Gear.

Arsenal Emotes EN

3. Other Options

3.1. Select mode

This option is where you can choose between the different modes of the game, Cooperative, Archwing and Conclave. This way you can choose the equipment you want to use in each mode, improve them, change their appearance and other options to each one of the three modes available.

Arsenal Mode Selection EN

3.2. Loadout Options

Here you can do several actions, for example rename the loadout or randomize your equipment.

We hope you’ll find this information useful. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

It’s time to gear up, Tenno.

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