Welcome Tenno, here we are going to talk about the Focus system, explaining all the details and performance step by step.

1. What is Focus?

Focus is a tool which serves exclusively to improve the abilities of your Operator, it works as “experience” or affinity to improve the abilities of the various Schools or Focus branches. These abilities are related with the energy and power hidden behind the veil of the Void.

2. When you can access the Focus system for the first time?

You can access the Focus system for the first time once you complete the Quest “The Second Dream”. In this Quest you met your Operator and you will have access to the Operator room in your ship (the central door after you go down the second ramp).

3. Focus Schools

You should know that you can change your School any time, and all Focus Schools have active and passive abilities with similar or common functions. Now we are going to show you a summary about each School and the basic traits of their main abilities.


Based mainly on the increase of physical and elemental damage, specialized in heat damage.

Focus Lens Lente Enfoque Madurai

Recommended to the Tenno who want to enhance their offensive capabilities of Elemental Damage.


Based mainly on improving the affinity acquisition and melee combat.

Focus Lens Lente Enfoque Naramon

Recommended to those Tenno who want to improve their combat capabaility with melee weapons.


Based on improving Energy recovery and electric elemental damage.

Recommended for the Tenno who want to improve their warframe combat capability and the use of their abilities.


Based mainly on enhancing the Affinity rank, specialized in regenerating health and energy of the squadron.

Focus Lens Lente Enfoque Vazarin

Recommended to those Tenno who want to boost their support skills


Based on improving the defensive capability of the squadron, specialized in the reduction of the offensive and defensive capabilities of the enemies.

Recommended to the Tenno who are looking for a balance among support and offensive capabilities.

As you can see, in the different Focus Schools you can specialize in one or another direction. Usually, these are to improve the combat skills of your Operator or to enhance the combat skills of your warframes. Depending on your play style you should choose one way or another.

4. Acquisition of Focus Points

These Points can only be obtained in one way, installing one Lens in a weapon or Warframe which are at maximum rank (rank 30). This is because the Focus Points are obtained through the affinity earned with your Weapon, channeled by the Focus Lens to transform this affinity earned in Focus Points.

Focus Lenses Installation

The amount of Focus Points you get depend on the quality of the Lenses you have installed, and the amount of affinity you get with the weapon or warframe in a mission.

You can take advantage of the Focus boosters that appear during the missions, as long as you are equipped with a warframe or a weapon with a Lens on it. This Booster improve the Affinity channeling during 45 seconds.

Potenciador de Enfoque Focus Booster

5. Focus Lens: Types and performance

There are, for each School, three types of Focus Lens.

Normal Lenses

Focus Lens Lente Enfoque Madurai
  • Madurai Lenses.
  • Naramon Lenses.
  • Zenuric Lenses.
  • Vazarin Lenses.
  • Unairu Lenses.
  • Accumulated Focus: 1,25%.

Superior Lenses

Enfoque Focus Lens Lente Superior Greater Madurai
  • Greater Madurai Lenses.
  • Greater Naramon Lenses.
  • Greater Zenuric Lenses.
  • Greater Vazarin Lenses.
  • Greater Unairu Lenses.
  • Accumulated Focus: 1,75%.

Eidolon Lenses

Enfoque Focus Lens Lente Madurai Eidolon
  • Eidolon Madurai Lenses.
  • Eidolon Naramon Lenses.
  • Eidolon Zenuric Lenses.
  • Eidolon Vazarin Lenses.
  • Eidolon Unairu Lenses.
  • Accumulated Focus: 2,25%.

The percentages are the amount of affinity converted in Focus Points for each type of Lenses.

As advice to maximize the obtaining of these Points, if you install a Lens in a warframe, it must be a purely offensive warframe (Ember, Equinox or Saryn among others) because the affinity earned when you eliminate enemies using abilities is NOT shared between the rest of the equipment.

If you decide to equip a Lens in a weapon, mi advice is, when you do a mission, only equip this weapon and use a warframe with Passive or Defensive abilities (Frost, Rhino among others), because this way you make sure to maximize the obtaining of affinity with your weapons.

And that’s all. As you will have seen, we have focused in the basics of the Focus System.

We hope this information is useful for you. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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