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Greetings Tenno,

We all have a warframe or a weapons to rely on blindly and launch into any battle, no matter how fierce and difficult it seems. This confidence and trust is what brings that fighting spirit which makes us, the Tenno, a fearsome, fierce and lethal adversaries.

However, regardless of our preferences, each situation requires a different approach. Each one masters certain warframes, primary weapons, secondary and melee, depending on the experience you have. That’s why we created this section.

Here you are going to find advice about the best gear you can use to face the most dangerous situations, from the moment you wake up form the cryosleep, to that moment in which you have accumulated so many scars in your warframes, that there is no doubt about your experience.

This section will be growing little by little, we have many ideas about what will be interesting for everyone. Remember that we are Tenno, and like you we face all trials in Warframe universe.

Even so, we would like to count on your support once more, Tenno. Do not hesitate to let us know through the comments below anything you are interested in, anything can be an advantage to all of us in this never-ending war.

We survive the Orokin Empire together, and together we will prevail in the face of any challenge.

Travel safe, Tenno.

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