best Melee Weapons for: Plains of Eidolon

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This time we are going to see the different options you have to choose the best melee weapons. What you should keep in mind for the choice of your melee weapon for Plains of Eidolon is that, when you are out there, you are going to be in critical situations where the close combat can save your lives.

You will be surrounded on many occasions by a large number of enemies, and you need to eliminate them quickly. For this reason, the weapons shown here have two main characteristics, either they are fast, or they have a long reach to wipe out the area that surrounds you.

Obviously, all this weapons are capable of causing a lot of damage in all their varieties. Moreover, it will be easy for you to improve it using an Orokin Catalyst and one or two Formas. Let’s go for it:

1. Atterax

Required Mastery Rank: 2

Don’t let its appearance fool you, you are in front of one of the best weapons in Warframe (in my opinion, of course). This Grineer whip has a pretty long reach and some stats which, using the right build, can obliterate powerful enemies with just a graze. You have to focus on boosting four things, Critical probability and damage, Combo duration and Reach.

MEjores Armas Melé Best Melee Weapons Atterax

2. Orthos Prime

Required Mastery Rank: 2

MEjores Armas Melé Best Melee Weapons Orthos Prime

The great advantage of the Orthos Prime is its attack speed, supported by a decent critical probability and critical damage. With this medium-reach weapon, and thanks to its circular movements, you will be able to, literally, chop everything that comes too close. This is a weapon which can be easily enhanced to improve its offensive capability.

3. Galatine & Galatine Prime

Required Mastery Rank: 3 & 13

Galatine is a heavy sword or a broadsword, with it you will cause a lot of damage with each swing, its circular attacks make it a weapon with an effective area damage. Its stats are similar to the Orthos Prime, but causing twice as much damage and whit a slower attack speed.

Galatine Prime has an improved damage and critical probability in regard to its regular version. This is no a small thing, because with a build which improves this stats you can create a devastating weapons.

MEjores Armas Melé Best Melee Weapons Galatine Prime

4. Guandao

Required Mastery Rank: 4

MEjores Armas Melé Best Melee Weapons Guandao

Guandao is a weapon similar to the Orthos Prime, with some notable differences. It’s much heavier, so its attack speed are lower than the Orthos. But this speed decrease is compensated with a superior critical probability and critical damage and a greater base damage.

5. Zenistar

Required Mastery Rank: 6

Why the Zenistar? This is a melee weapon you can only obtain after 300 days played, more than enough to achieve the required Mastery rank. Well, this is a unique melee weapon with a special characteristic, and it is the energy disc it has in its head.

You can place the disc where you want, unleashing a constant energy wave (with a limited duration) which wipe out practically EVERYTHING inside its area of effect. The weapons reach determines the energy wave reach, so you can defend (or raze) specific areas with little effort.

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We hope this information has helped you. As always, if you find any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck Tenno.

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