Best Secondary Weapons for: Plains of Eidolon

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Is time to talk about the best Secondary weapons to survive in Plains of Eidolon. We have highlighted the next Secondary weapons for their capability to eradicate your enemies with the minimum possible shots.

Secondary Weapons

Just like the entry of Primary weapons, this best secondary weapons list is sorted by required Mastery Rank.

1. Sonicor

Required Mastery Rank: 2

The Sonicor is a weapon which, in the right hands, can be capable to wipe out anything alive in a quite wide area with only one shot. A Corpus energy hand cannon with an Impact base damage which, if it can’t crush the body of your enemies, it will knock them down making them loose a few precious seconds, and their lives before they can react. Its strengths are its high base damage, a decent critical chance and damage, and all of this with an area of effect. Its Achilles’ heel are the reload time and its limited range.

Mejores armas secundarias sonicor

2. Akstiletto Prime

Required Mastery Rank: 10.

Mejores armas secundarias Akstiletto Prime

The Akstiletto Prime are a delicate designed weapons, but capable to eliminate almost anything in a few seconds. Their moderate damage are more than compensate with a decent critical chance and a high critical damage, besides, they also have a huge magazines and an instant reload.

3. Staticor

Required Mastery Rank: 5.

The Staticor can rival the Sonicor in Damage, critical chance and critical damage. Outperforms the Sonicor in magazine capability and range, and its reload speed are the same. It can also cause an area of effect if you charge the shot. Until here seems the Staticor is a best weapon, and it may be true, but in the end is a matter of liking.

best secondary weapons Staticor

4. Lex Prime & Aklex Prime

Required Mastery Rank: 8 & 15.

best secondary weapons Lex Prime Aklex Prime

An efficient weapon, lethal and capable of killing practically any enemy with only one shot, 8 bullets 8 deaths. Its strengths are its high damage, critical chance and critical damage, which can be boosted to an unexpected levels. Its only weak spot is the low reload speed, but if you aim carefully there is no need to reload, the dead don’t return fire, Tenno.

Aklex Prime are the same, but with a remarkable difference. If one Lex Prime is lethal, imagine two. Double the bullets, and a slightly increase of their reload time make unstoppable the one who wields them aiming carefully.

5. Euphona Prime

Required Mastery Rank: 14.

The pinnacle of destruction, a piece of Orokin history capable of kill an Teralyst Eidolon in a matter of seconds. The best option for those who dare to face these ancient Sentient war machines. A very high base damage and a critical chance and critical damage which, in its primary shooting mode, can be boosted to devastating points. Its only weak spots are the high reload time and its limited magazine.

Best secondary weapons Euphona Prime


Summarizing, in this list we have talk about three different types of weapons, but with common characteristics. A high destruction capacity which can be easily enhanced using an Orokin catalyst and a couple Formas. Any of these weapons will allow you to move calmly through the Plains and eliminate practically anything between you and your objective.

Eidolon Teralyst Hunt

If what you want is to face the biggest threat in Plains of Eidolon, the Eidolon Teralyst, Euphona Prime will be the perfect weapon among the best secondary weapons. You have to invest a Catalyst and three Formas on it to make the most of this weapon, but I can assure you it will be worthy.

Do you want to hunt the Eidolon Teralyst? Explore the Plains alone? Accomplish the Bounties faster? Here you will find which warframe is the best for each situation.

Plains of Eidolon are a dangerous place, Tenno. Here you have a small guide about which are the best primary weapons to survive in this inhospitable place

Although the Plains of Eidolon are huge, there will be moments when you have to get your hands dirty. Here you have the best weapons to unleash chaos in Eidolon.

In any case, and like we always say in these entries, the perfect secondary weapon is the one you are comfortable with. There is great variety, and here we choose only six of them, though sure that there are other weapons just as useful and powerful.

We hope this information is helpful to you. As always, if you think there is a mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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