1. Best Warframes for Rookies: General Information.
  2. The Three Best Warframes for Rookies.
    1. Rhino, the unstoppable.
    2. Frost, the self-sufficient.
    3. Ember, do we need to say something else?

1. Best Warframes for Rookies: General Information

For this list we do not take into account any of the three starting warframes, because in our opinion, it won’t be very balanced, being Excalibur the most powerful one.

With that, we don’t want to despise the usefulness of Volt or Mag, who can become very powerful on the battlefield.

This list is not sorted by utility, because we consider each warframe, with a little imagination and time, can become really powerful in the right hands. He have sorted them as they appear in your path. After all, they are the most powerful weapons in the universe.

2. The Three Best Warframes for Rookies

The three best and most useful warframes for your first steps are:

  1. Rhino, the unstoppable.
  2. Frost, the self-sufficient.
  3. Ember, Do we need to say something else?

Now we are going to explain the traits which make these 3 warframes worthy of this podium.

2.1. Best Warframes, Rhino

Rhino, you can find his parts in Venus, as a reward for defeating Jackal. He is the first warframe you can get, and he will help you a lot in your path.

His abilities will be useful for any mission. Now we are going to talk briefly about them.

  • Rhino Charge: With this ability, Rhino charges towards a target, clobbering all enemies in his path and knocking them down.
  • Iron Skin: With it, Rhino hardens his skin, insulating himself from all damage until it is consumed.
  • Roar: This area of effect ability enhances the Rhino and all nearby enemies damage.
  • Rhino Stomp: An area of effect ability which damages and knocks down all enemies in its reach and leaves the survivors suspended in the air for a few seconds.
Mejores Warframes Rhino Best Warframes

This ability set makes Rhino a very useful and versatile warframe, with support and crowd control, because he can resist, as long as he has enough energy, large amount of damage thanks to his Iron Skin, and eliminate all near enemies with his Rhino Stomp.

2.2. Best Warframes, Frost

Frost, you can find his parts in Mars, after you defeat Lt. Lech Kril. This is the second warframe you can get.

His abilities will be very useful in any kind of defense missions. Keep it in mind, Tenno.

Mejores Warframes Frost Best Warframes
  • Freeze: With it you can freeze and slow down any enemy, turning them into easy preys.
  • Ice Wave: Frost send a wave of ice which damages anything in its path. The area cone shaped and has a limited range.
  • Snow Globe: This ability creates a sphere of ice around Frost which protects anything inside. This sphere can absorb large amounts of damage. Besides, if there are enemies in its radius, they will freeze and expel all of them.
  • Avalanche: This is the most powerful of his abilities, which freeze all enemies in his radius, reducing their armors and causing havoc.

Thanks to these abilities you can deal with a large number of situations, defending and attacking, because they make Frost a balanced warframe, with offensive and defensive abilities alike.

2.3. Best Warframes, Ember

Ember, for those who don’t know this warframe, I would say that is one that nobody wants to face. You can find her parts in Saturn, after your fight with Sargas Ruk.

Her abilities are very useful when you need to eliminate large amount of enemies.

  • Fireball: Launches a fireball which explodes on impact, dealing damage on contact and in a nearby area.
  • Accelerant: Thanks to this ability you can stun a cover the enemies in its area of effect with a liquid which multiplies all the fire damage.
  • Fire Blast: This ability causes and explosion which deals serious damage instantly and leaves a ring of fire causing damage over time.
  • World On Fire: This is the most destructive ability she has, because in its area of effect deals high damage over time to all enemies. Perfect to use in combination with her second ability, Accelerant, and reducing everything to ashes.
Mejores Warframes Ember Best Warframes

With these abilities, Ember becomes in a purely offensive warframe who leaves behind a trail of smoking corpses.

We hope this information will help you in your path, Tenno. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

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