Wyrm Prime

Wyrm Prime is one of the first Prime sentinels of which there is evidence. This Prime sentinel was both bodyguard and status symbol among the high rank Tenno during the ancient Orokin empire. Qualities that today you can take advantage of.

Its appearance resembles a small winged dragon, it will follow you without hesitation wherever you go to protect and support you. To do that Wyrm Prime has two abilities:

  • Crowd Dispersion, to knock down and damage all enemies who dare to get too close to you.
  • Warrior, with this ability Wyrm Prime will attack the first enemy it detects from long distance.

(These abilities must be activated installing specific mods for Wyrm)

Prime Laser RiflePrimary
Wyrm Prime ES

Comparado con Wyrm, su versión normal, Wyrm Prime mejora considerablemente tanto la armadura como el escudo, multiplicándolos por tres, y con una salud ligeramente superior.

How to get Wyrm Prime

Wyrm Prime can be obtained in three ways. The first one will be buying the Loki Prime Access, which includes also a Loki Prime and Bo Prime, among other unique accessories.

The second way to get it will be trading with other Tenno for the parts of Wyrm Prime you need, but in exchange, you will have to pay the price they ask you.

And finally, the most traditional way in Warframe Universe, obtaining the Relics which contain the different parts of Wyrm Prime and opening them to be able to get the parts. Having always a little luck on your side, of course.

Wyrm Prime PartRelicDrop Chance
Wyrm Prime BlueprintNeo E1/Axi S2Common
Wyrm Prime CarapaceAxi L1Common
Wyrm Prime CerebrumLith G2Common
Wyrm Prime SystemsMeso E1Uncommon

You can get the February Unvault 2018 Relics through Cetus Bounties and as a possible reward on the Relics Pack which can be bought from the Syndicates.

If you need more information about how to get these and other Relics I recommend you to see the General Map of Relic Farming by Cpt. Drake.

We hope this information was helpful for you. As always, if you see any mistakes or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Take care of your companions and you will never be alone, Tenno.

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