1. What is a Balor Fomorian?
  2. When it appears and Why.
  3. Event Mechanics.
  4. Rewards.

Event: Balor Fomorian

Prepare yourselves Tenno! A Fomorian Balor has been sighted!

Lotus: “Vay Hek is making his move. We have just detected a Balor Fomorian traveling on an interception course with the Relay. The beast moves slowly but if we allow it to get within the firing range, it will surely obliterate our new relay. We need to destroy it before that happens.”

What is a Balor Fomorian?

Balor Fomorian

A Balor Fomorian is the most powerful ship in the Grineer fleet, able to wipe out entire cities if it can get close enough. They are a real threat, Tenno. A threat which only has one goal, destroy one of our relays.

When it appears and Why

Balor Fomorian Construction Status

Balor Fomorian appears every so often, depending on who is supported during the invasion missions. In this case, the more support the Grineer factions has, the faster will be the construction of one of this powerful ships.

By relaying on Invasions, both Balor Fomorian and Razorback Armada become Cyclic Events.

Event Mechanics

1. Crafting Fomorian Disruptor

Attached to the warning message you receive from Lotus will be a blueprint to craft the Fomorian Disruptor. This is an Essential Gear if you want to face a Balor Fomorian.

To be able to craft it in the Foundry of your ship you will need three resources in large quantities.

Fomorian Disruptor

You can find Nano Spores in Saturn, Neptune, Orokin Derelict and Eris. Cryotic is a resource which can only be found in Excavation missions, deploying excavators. The amount will depend on your success defending those excavators.

Omega Isotopes will depend on the Relay Balor Fomorian is approaching to, because the Omega Isotopes only appear in the planets near this colossal ship. This is because its core releases this lethal radiation, affecting both the planet and the living beings who live there.

Nowadays there are only three intact relays in the Origin System, and they are in Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. I recommend you to unlock the access to this planets if you have not done it yet.

2. Using the Fomorian Disruptor

Once it is crafted you will have to equip it in your Gear wheel. To do that, enter in your Arsenal, go to Gear and place the Fomorian Disruptor in an empty slot

Fomorian Disruptor Gear

3. Attacking the Fomorian Balor Core

When you are ready to launch your attack you will need to tune up your Archwings, because this is an Archwing mission.

When you get closer to the core a series of defensive countermeasures will appear, the Zeplens. These artifacts create an energy net which stops everything within its reach, preventing you from advancing to the core. There are four Zeplens, destroy them to continue and complete the mission.

Zeplen EN

Once you get close enough, you will have to deactivate the shield protecting the Balor Fomorian. To do that, destroy the two shield generators located on the sides. When you destroy them, it will be your chance to go inside this metallic beast to be able to destroy it.

When you go inside I advise you to prepare yourselves for the final strike before you use the Fomorina Disrputor. Try to cove all possible angles to quickly finish with all nodes of the Fomorian Core. When you activate the Disruptor, it generates an electromagnetic pulse which remove the protective shielding for 30 seconds. The structure is symmetrical and has 16 Nodes. Destroy them as soon as you can.

Ataque Núcleo Fomoré Balor

When you destroy the 16 Nodes you will have to escape and get away to a safe distance (350 meters) in less than 30 seconds to avoid the explosion.

Escape Núcleo Fomoré Balor


When you accomplish this mission you can get unique event rewards. When reaching in a single strike the million damage, Lotus will reward you with 200.000 credits and an Orokin Catalyst.

Besides, you can also obtain the Imperator Vandal parts (Blueprint, Cannon and Receiver), a weapon which can only be obtained in this event. For the those who can not get this weapon, you can always wait for this event to be active again or buy the parts you need from other Tenno, but you need to be willing to pay what they ask you for.

Imperator Vandal

As always, if you find any mistake or missing information, let us know through the comments below.

The Origin System needs you, Tenno.

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