1. Operation Shadow Debt.
  2. Acolytes.
  3. Strategies.
  4. How the Event Works.
  5. Rewards.
  6. Useful Advice.

Operation: Shadow Debt

They have arrived Tenno, Stalker Acolytes are here… I hope you are prepared.

“Operation: Shadow Debt” is an annual event, so I advise you to make the most of your time and don’t miss this opportunity.

The Acolytes

In this event you will have to go out there, find the Acolytes and hunt the hunters. But be careful, it won’t be an easy task.

Each Acolyte has special abilities, capable of tear apart those Tenno who are not cautious enough in a few seconds. This is a challenge which will demand all your potential. Equip your best Warframe and your most powerful weapons, you are going to need them.

Angst Acolyte

Uses a Valkyr Warframe with Stalker Helmet.

Angustia Angst Acolitos Acolytes

Malice Acolyte

Uses a Frost Warframe with Stalker Helmet.

Malicia Malice Acolitos Acolytes

Mania Acolyte

Uses a Loki Warframe with Stalker Helmet.

Mania Acolitos Acolytes

Misery Acolyte

Uses a Nekros Warframe with Stalker Helmet.

Miseria Misery Acolitos Acolytes

Torment Acolyte

Uses a Mesa Warframe with Stalker Helmet.

Tormento Torment Acolitos Acolytes

Violence Acolyte

Uses a Limbo Warframe with Stalker Helmet.

Violencia Violence Acolitos Acolytes


There are many possible strategies to overcome this challenge, each one different from the other, but all with chances of success. These strategies will depend on your Warframe and the ones of your squadmates, but we are going to explain the basis of what you need to do, and from there every Tenno must choose his way.

Basically, what you have to do is:

Slow them down at all costs, to do that Rhino, with his fourth ability (Rhino Stomp), or Frost with his third ability (Snow Globe), will be very useful.

Maximize the damage, the Acolytes are a very tough enemies, so any ability which enhances the squad damage will be very useful. For example, you can use Mag’s second ability (Magnetize) or Rhino’s third ability (Roar).

And finally, try to eliminate them as fast as you can using your best weapons. To do that the best option is use weapons with Viral or Toxic damage to consume their flesh, and Magnetic or Ice damage to quickly overload their shields.

How The Event Works

When an Acolyte appears, you can see in the navigation menu a progress bar. This bar will be diminishing with each successful confrontation. For this, the total victories accumulated by all the Tenno will be taken into account. In the moment the progress reach 0% the Acolyte will disappear and be replaced by the next one.

When you defeat one of the Acolytes, you will have the chance to obtain one of the four possible unique mods, Except for Misery Acolyte, who can give you any mod from the rest as a reward. Remember, until next year you don’t have this chance again, take advantage of it, Tenno, the reward is worthy.


Useful Advice

The Acolytes can appear in any mission of the Origin System and, in these missions, they can appear in any room, either the ones in the main mission path, or in a hidden room in the depths of a Corpus ship. I can assure you will notice when you enter in a room with an Acolyte inside.

The mission where they appear will change every so often and you will have to wait for some Tenno cross their path to know his location again.

If you have not done it already, I think this will be a good time to unlock all missions of the planets you can access. This will be essential so you can access those missions where the Acolytes appear immediately.

If the planet where they appear is not unlocked, you can always join other Tenno who have it unlocked and go with them.

I remind you that all the specific information about each Acolyte can be found in their special entry. There you can see the drop chances of every Mod and all their stats to find their weak spots and be better prepared for the confrontation.

We hope this information is helpful for you and you can take advantage of this chance before the time runs out, Tenno. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Hunt down those acolytes before you become their prey, Tenno.

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