Hurry up Tenno! A Razorback Armada threatens the balance in the Solar System!

Here we are going to explain step by step everything you need to know about the Razorback Armada event, from the creation of the Razorback Cipher to the rewards this opportunity promises. Defend the Solar System and claim your well-deserved reward.

1. Razorback Cipher

The Razorback Cipher is a skeleton key able to decode and open the room where Razorback is hiding, in the bowels of a Corpus ship. You have to craft this Cipher, to do that you need a large amount of various Resources:s:

Razorback Cipher Blueprint

Cryptographic ALU: Composed of surplus circuits of the fabrication of a Razorback. I recommend you that, to get more Cryptographic ALU, move to Neptune, specifically to the mission on Salacia. To do this mission you need to use your Archwings.

Cryptographic Alu

Gallium: A soft metal used in the manufacture of high quality electronic components. It appears in Mars and Uranus.


Polymer Bundle: A thermoplastic material created by the Corpus. It can be found in Mercury and Uranus.

Polymer Bundle

Once you have the Razorback Cipher crafted, you have to equip it in your Tool wheel. To do that you need to go to your arsenal, access to the “Tools” and equip the Cipher.

2. The Ship: Reach the Razorback’s door

Get ready for an epic fight, Tenno. To face the Razorback you will have to move through a Corpus ship full with dangers and threats. You will face the Hyenas, all of them, which appear in countless numbers, as well as Bursas, of all kinds, in large numbers.

Hyenas & Bursas Razorback

The icing of the cake will be an infinite number of Elite Eximus and other Corpus troops that will try to stop you. Even the toughest Rhino will be in trouble if they waver at some point.

I recommend you don’t stop, advance as fast as you can until you reach the Razorback door and don’t look back. In the door you see a console you have to hack, to do that you need to use a Razorback Cipher. Regardless of which Tenno uses it, the Ciphers of every squad member will be consumed in the process.

Puerta Razorback

3. Fight against the Razorback

Once you enter in the room where Razorback is, you will have to hurry up and be ready for what is to come. I warn you that it is impossible to beat the Razorback if you don’t follow this steps.

Evento Armada Razorback

The combat is divided in the next stages:

First stage: In the room, on the upper part you will find two gateways, one at each side with two consoles each one. When you hack them, the energy fields which keep the Bursas locked will be deactivated.

Consola Bursa Razorback

Second stage: Now that the Bursas are free, take them out as fast as you can. When they are down, hack them to change their targets list and turn them into allies. The Bursas are the only ones which are able to break the Razorback’s Shields and make it fall to the ground, vulnerable.

Pirateo Bursa

Third stage: When the Razorback hits the ground, it will be you chance to attack it with all you have. This stage will only last a few seconds, so you better be prepared and take this opportunity.

razorback vulerab

You will have to repeat this three stages until the Razroback is destroyed, something that is not easy.

4. Reward

By defeating the Razorback you can obtain mods for all weapons to increase the Puncture damage. Besides mods, you can also get parts for the Phantom Gorgon Wraith. Both the mods and the weapon, can only be obtained in this event. Hurry and do not miss this chance, Tenno,


Auger Strike





Piercing Caliber


Magma Chamber


And that’s all we can tell, Tenno. We hope this information is useful to you. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Take down that Razorback, Tenno!

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