Destreza Prime

A fine blade as light as deadly, used by the aristocrats of the ancient Orokin empire, that’s the Destreza Prime. Here you can see all the ways to obtain this lethal melee prime weapon, Tenno.

Remember Tenno, the Destreza Prime has other version, Destreza.

Destreza Prime EN

Light, accurate and deadly, that’s the Destreza Prime. This rapier was mainly used in duels in fair and honorable combats. The Prime variant was the “aristocratic” version, the soldiers and sword masters who used this rapier were the ones who belonged to the highest strata of the Orokin empire. Their combat strategy was to skewer the enemies and use them as shield, or eliminate multiple targets in closed spaces in a blink of an eye.

When we compare the Destreza Prime with its regular version, we can see an inferior values in attack speed and puncture damage. However, in the rest of stats the Prime version stands out, being fairly superior both in Status chance and Critical multiplier.
Ad for the damage, you can see that the Destreza Prime compensates its inferior puncture damage with a superior values in slash and impact damage.


Mastery Rank Required

MR 10

Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier