No matter how heavy and thick the armor is, Destreza will pierce through as if it were paper, Tenno. Here you can see how to obtain this lethal rapier and all its stats.

Remember Tenno, Destreza has other version, the Destreza Prime.

Destreza EN

A duelist rapier, that’s the Destreza’s nature and for what it was created. A sword forged from a single piece of an ultralight alloy which gives it a toughness without equal.

This combination makes this sword a lethal weapon able to pierce through any armor thanks to its high puncture damage. It high critical chance makes each thrust of this weapon can cause severe damage or even death. The combination of this two characteristics make the Destreza an ideal weapon to face any enemy who entrust its survival to heavy armor.

When we compare the Destreza with its Prime version, we can see a uperior values in attack speed and puncture damage. However, in the rest of stats the Prime version stands out, being superior both in Status chance and Critical multiplier.


Mastery Rank Required

MR 7

Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier