Kogake Prime

A weapon to crush your enemies in a more close and personal way, is like using your own hands, but better. The Kogake Prime were used during the Orokin empire by the Shock Troopers, first to enter, last to leave. Some brutal warriors to wield this weapons, as ruthless as lethal.

Required Mastery rank10
Attack Speed0,917
Channeling Cost5
Channeling Damagex1,5
Critical Chance16%
Critical Multiplierx1,8
Wall Attack210,0
Spin Attack280
Leap Attack140,0
Kogake Prime EN

How to get the Kogake Prime

Now we are going to the important part, the possible ways you have to get this Prime melee weapon.

Like the Akbolto Prime, the first one will be buying the Mirage Prime Access. Depending on the option you buy, the Mirage Prime Access will have a series of unique objects, which only be acquired through the Mirage Prime Access.

The second one will be trading with other players who have the parts you need. This can be a cheap option, if you compare it with the first option, but it won’t be everyone’s taste.

And finally, the most common of all ways with which you can get the Akbolto Prime will be farming its Relics, opening it, and being lucky to get the part you are looking for. This is the slowest way, but calm down, with time and effort you can get anything.

Kogake Prime PartsRelicDrop Chance
Kogake Prime BlueprintAxi V7Uncommon
Kogake Prime GauntletMeso K1Rare
Kogake Prime BootAxi A3Common

If you need more information about where to get these and another Relics, I recommend you to go to the General Map of Relic Farming by Cpt. Drake.

We hope this information is useful for you. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Your first blow must also be the last, Tenno.

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