Kronen Prime

If you have ever imagined what happens if you enter combat and your arms turn into two sharp blades, this will be you chance to try it. Kronen Prime are two sharp long blades capable to split in half almost any enemy. Its reduced weight increases the speed of its attacks.

This weapon was used by the Wraiths, bloody Orokin warriors who went solo behind the enemy lines, creating chaos y causing fatal wounds to the enemies who are dumb enough to face them or the ones who are not aware of the death whirlwind that was coming.

Required Mastery Rank8
Attack Speed1.17
Channeling Cost5
Channeling Damage1.5
Critical Chance12%
Critical Multiplierx2
Wall Attack264
Spin Attack396
Leap Attack132
Kronen Prime EN

The Kronen Prime has another version, the Kronen. When we compare the two version we can see that the Kronen Prime are superior in almost all stats, specially in the Critical Chance.

How to get the Kronen Prime

Like all Prime gear, the Kronen Prime can be obtained from three different ways. The first and the most expensive one is buying the Zephyr Prime Access, which includes Zephyr Prime along with the Tiberon Prime, and also some exclusive objects and equipment.

The second way will also cost you Platinum, because it consists in trading with other Tenno who have the different parts of the Kronen Prime you need. Here you will be paying for both time and effort of these Tenno, so you have to be willing to pay the price the want to ask you for.

And finally you have the classic way, because you can always farm yourselves the different Relics which contain the Kronen Prime parts, refine them if it is necessary and try your luck in the Void fissure missions.

Kronen Prime PartRelicDrop Chance
Kronen Prime BlueprintMeso H3Common
Kronen Prime BladeAxi K2Rare
Kronen Prime HiltNeo B4Uncommon

I remind you have access to the General Map of Relic Farming by Cpt. Drake, with all the information about where you can farm these and other Relics.

As always, we hope this information helps you in your path. Remember, if you find any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

The first blow must also be the last, Tenno.

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