Nami Skyla Prime

The Nami Skyla Prime is a perfect melee weapon to overwhelm any enemy with multiple attacks. Here you have all the data to know how you can obtain it easily, Tenno.

Remember Tenno, the Nami Skyla Prime has another version, the Nami Skyla.

Nami Skyla Prime EN

Extract of the recovered Orokin archives on Jupiter. According to the preliminary analysis this is a statement of one Tenno who assassinate high level warriors.

“Many masters reject the Nami Skyla Prime, they say it is not an elegant weapon nor does it have an appropriate style. Behold their pompous martial arts demonstrations, behold those honorable duels in their fancy dojos. We are the ones who understand that a weapon is a tool to take a life. Let them underestimate us, let them lower their guards… They won’t see us coming, they won’t be prepared. Patience Tenno, our moment is approaching. Soon the rebellion will be a reality they can not hide anymore.”

With only a glance at the stats of the Nami Skyla Prime we can see that almost all of them are better than the ones in the regular version. This superiority is specially clear both in the Status Chance and in the Critical Chance.


Mastery Rank Required


Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier