Nikana Prime

The blade defines the Tenno who wield it. The Tenno who master the Nikana Prime are deadly, fast and reliable. Here you can see the different ways to obtain this lethal melee Prime weapon.

Remember Tenno, Nikana Prime has two other versions, the Nikana and Dragon Nikana.

Nikana Prime EN

The Nikana Prime is a collector’s piece, a weapon with a legendary heritage and a design inspired in a sword used in a small region of the Earth long time forgotten. The warriors of this region had an iron discipline and an unbreakable code of honor.

Knowing this, what can be expected of the Nikana is a deadly, fast and reliable weapon. A loyal companion in the battlefield and the worst nightmare for those stupid enough to stand in your way.

If we compare the Nikana Prime with its regular and Dragon versions, you notice that the Prime version is far superior in all stats. This means, is faster, causes more damage and thus, is a better choice in combat. The only exception is the Critical multiplier, where the values are the same in the Prime and its two other versions.


Mastery Rank Required

MR 0

Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier