The Paracesis, a powerful broadsword able to reach Rank 40. Here you can see how you can obtain this exceptional sword and make the most of its capabilities, Tenno.


The Paracesis, a Sentient Slayer broadsword… a gift from Ballas. A huge weapon with a design that makes its destructive capabilities clear, and your enemies can check it from the first blow.

We are in front of a new kind of weapons, because it has some features which had not been seen before in Warframe Universe. The first one is that when we upgrade it to Rank 30 it won’t be its maximum Rank. That’s because this is the first weapon we can upgrade up to Rank 40.

To be able to upgrade the Paracesis to Rank 40 you will have to install 5 Formas, increasing in 2 the maximum Rank each time you install a Forma and level it up to its maximum rank each time. This means we have a weapon with 80 mod slots at its maximum Rank, installing an Orokin Catalyst and without taking into account the stances.

Now let’s talk about the Paracesis stats. This broadsword has an important Base Damage, besides a high Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier you can use to tear apart anything in your way. On the other side, the Status Chance is good, being able to improve it to make the most of the build you have.


Mastery Rank Required


Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier