An axe able to split in half any enemy who crosses on your path, that’s the Scindo, Tenno. Here you can see how you can obtain this powerful melee weapon and all its stats.

Remember Tenno, the Scindo has other version, the Scindo Prime.

Scindo EN

Here you have the Scindo, a battle axe with a primitive design, but do not be fooled, because its power can turn the tides on the battlefield. Its two blades, sharpen as razors, are able to cut steel, rocks, energy shields and, of course, skin, flesh and bones.

This fearsome and brutal weapon can be slow and heavy, but you only need one blow to eliminate most of your enemies.

If we compare the Scindo with its Prime version, we can see that the regular version is inferior in all its stats. This doesn’t mean that this is a bad weapon, it only means that if you feel comfortable wielding it, you have a clear goal, obtain the Scindo Prime.


Mastery Rank Required

MR 2

Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier