Silva & Aegis Prime

Sword and shield combine in a perfect balance with the Silva & Aegis Prime. Here you have all the details about this powerful melee Prime weapon, Tenno

Remember Tenno, Silva & Aegis has another version, Silva & Aegis.

Silva & Aegis Prime EN

Silva & Aegis Prime has the perfect balance, a weapon both offensive and defensive. It has an exquisite design but do not underestimate it, because it is a weapon as beautiful as deadly. The shield increase its surface until it almost covers the entire body while powerful fire overflows from the sword.

The main features of Silva & Aegis Prime are its incredibly high Base Damage and Status Chance, added to a nice Critical Chance. Both Status and Critical Chance grow up to 60% when blocking an enemy in addition to reduce up to 90% the damage received.

It has one of the highest damage of all sword & shields weapons. Its stats are really high compared to its regular version. Just one exception, Attack Speed is better in regular version.


Mastery Rank Required


Attack Speed


Channeling Cost


Channeling Damage


Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier