Plague Star: Tools and Suprises

In the Plague Star event you can use two new tools, the Eidolon Phylaxis and the Infested Catalyst. With them you can obtain more and better rewards, but be careful Tenno, everything has a price. The use in the Mixing Machine of each one of these two tool will grant you several things:

When you mix the Tharx Toxin with the Eidolon Phylaxis you get 250 extra Standing Points at the end of the mission. This means that if you use 4 of them, you will get 1000 extra Points to spend in the Operational Supply.

As for the Infested Catalyst, what you get is the appearance of an Hemocyte for each Catalyst used. Therefore, if you use 4 Catalysts you have to face 4 Hemocytes. This may seem crazy, and it is believe me, but the rewards are worth it.

Plague Star: the Hemocyte

When you face an Hemocyte and come out alive from the confrontation (not an easy task by the way), you can obtain three interesting rewards:

Estrella Infestada Plague Star Hemocito Hemocyte
  1. Standing Points: 250 for each Hemocyte obliterated.
  2. The resource Hemocyte Cystolith, essential to build any of the 4 statues you can place in your Dojos for the Plague Star event.
  3. The new Hunter mod Set.

I recommend you the use of Corrosive Damage against this Infested beast. This monstrosity, like Lephantis, is invulnerable except in some “special” moments. You will have to attack each time one of its 3 heads, the weak spots are easily identifiable by its blue, green and yellow glow.

Plague Star: Hunter Mods Set

The stats you see are the ones you get when you maximize the mods.

Hunter Adrenaline

Hunter Adrenaline 1-6 Mods Set

[Warframe] Convert +45% of Damage on Health to Energy.

Hunter Recovery

Hunter Recovery 2-6 Mods Set

[Companion] +30% Companion Lifesteal-link.

Hunter Munitions

Hunter Munitions 3-6 Mods Set

[Primary] +30% chance to apply Slash status to an enemy on Critical Hit.

Hunter Synergy

Hunter Synergy 4-6 Mods Set

[Companion] +30% Crit-Link.

Hunter Command

Hunter Command 5-6 Mods Set

[Companion] Companion attacks nearest enemy affected by Slash status for 6s.

Hunter Track

Hunter Track 6-6 Mods Set

[Primary] +30% Status Duration.

The set bonus these mods grant is that Companions deal 25% Extra Damage against enemies affected by Slash status. You can boost this set bonus up to +150%.

We hope this information is useful for you. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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