Welcome to Cetus!

This place is the meeting point for all Tenno who wants to enter in Plains of Eidolon. A place where we can find many merchants that will provide us with objects, advice, and some peace among this universe at war.

Now I am going to show you, in a simple and clear way, every merchant location as well as points of interest and useful directions for everyone.


Cetus landing zone.


Exit gates to the Plains of Eidolon.


Fisher Hai-Luk.


Old man Suumbat.








Master Teasonai.


Quill Onkko.


“Easter Egg” location.

Lets talk about the characters and merchants we can find in Cetus:

Cetus Merchant: Fisher Hai-Luk

Hai-Luk items

She is the owner of the first store we will find in Cetus market coming from the landing zone. All objects are offered in exchange of Standing Points, as well as services related with fishing.

Harpoons are the tool we have to acquire and equip in the “Gear Wheel” through our arsenal, to be able to fish in the lakes, rivers and seas of Plains of Eidolon, having to equip it with the tool key (Q).

Once we have equipped our favorite harpoon, every object we craft on our foundry related to fishing, will be added to our “fishing tools”. We will have access to them when we have our Harpoon equiped with the tool key (Q).

The fish we capture have two uses we can take advantage of talking with Hai-Luk, “Fishing Services”. The main one is obtaining resources, ones shared by all and others unique of each species. The second one is the Standing Points we can earn in exchange, having a daily limit.

Cetus Merchant: Old Man Suumbat

Old Man Suumbat
Suumbat Items

Old man Suumbat is a prospector with more experience than you can count. He knows Plains of Eidolon like the palm of his hand, as well as all the existing secrets related with Mining. In his store we can find two types of objects in exchange of Standing Points, Nosam Cutters and Blueprints to craft gems and refined minerals in our foundry.

To equip the Nosam Cutters and farm these minerals located in the Plains, we have to access to our arsenal and add them to our “Gear Wheel”. Once we have it equipped we will have to use the Tool Key (Q) to use it.

The Nosam Cutter works like an “eco-locator”, detecting the presence of mineral veins and gems. When this happens we will hear a beeping sound, which will be more intense and frequent the closer we get to the mineral veins.

To extract these minerals and gems we will have to aim at the vein (Secondary button) and cut it with the laser following the pattern shown (Left mouse button).

The remaining raw gems can be exchanged with the old man Suumbat for extra Standing Points. This points have a daily limit.

And finally we can take advantage of the daily offers of old man Suumbat in the option “Daily special”, which consist in refined materials in exchange for Platinum.

Cetus Merchant: Nakak

Nakak Items

Nakak is a curious character, an Ostronian kid who has seen a business opportunity in Cetus market. His goods are masks and some flare blueprints which can boost you affinity rank. In this case, you can buy them with the materials and resources you can find in Plains of Eidolon.

The masks we can buy are used to personalize our Operator. For this we will have to access to our “Operator” once we are in our Ship, through the Menu, and select the option “Personalize”, then the option “Transference Suit”, and finally select “Zariman Hood”.

Hurry up Tenno, Plague Star is here, and Nakak will trade you unique equipment with the Operational Supply. But first of all, you need to learn everything about Plague Star Event.



We can say that Konzu is the representative of the Ostrons interests in the face of the Tenno. He is the one who give us access to the Contracts for the Missions, and where we can also manage our Ostron Reputation and rise our Title or “level” when we have accumulated enough Standing Points.

Moreover, Konzu is the one who gives us access to the Quest “Saya’s Vigil”, where we will get the Gara warframe Blueprint.

In therms of Reputation and Standing Points we will talk more deeply about them in the Ostron Standing post.

Cetus Merchant: Hok

Hok Items

Hok is the owner of “Hok’s Anvil”, where we can trade using our Standing Points to get different Zaw parts blueprints, and also a set of Exodia arcane objects which boost your melee weapons damage.

We will need three parts to craft a Zaw: Strike, Grip and Link. To be able to forge them we will have to buy the blueprints and craft them in our foundry. Once the parts are crafted, we will have to return to the Hok’s Anvil and select the option “Craft a Zaw”, select the different parts and forge it.

In the option “Other services” we can temper our Zaw, giving it a new name and upgrading it; donate our Zaw in exchange of Standing Points; and finally, we can change the name of any weapon in our inventory for 15 Platinum.

In the option “Daily Special” we can buy a complete Zaw with Platinum. This offers will change from time to time.

Cetus Merchant: Master Teasonai

Teasonai Items

Teasonai Master is the Hunter of Cetus, expert in the wildlife of the Plains and capable of capturing any beast.

In his store we can buy caged animals we can place in our Orbiter, and also unique appearances for our animal companions, Kavats and Kubrows.

Quill Onkko

Quill Raquis Onkko
Quill Onkko Door

Quill Onkko is the one who opens the gates to the new active warrior Operator system, and we can access to his room once we complete the Quests “Saya’s Vigil” and “The War Within”.

The content here is too extensive, so we have considered to make an exclusive entry for it (Quills Standing), talking about this Character and everything we can find in his room.

DE, the Easter Egg

DE Easter Egg
DE Credits

And now, to finish our exploration of Cetus Settlement, here you have something many of you already know, a little “Easter Egg” DE developers created between the Landing Zone and the room where Quill Onkko is. In it we can see the credits with the names of everyone who worked creating Plains of Eidolon.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to the Cetus Settlement, Tenno. If you find any mistake or missing information please let us know through the comments below.

Good Luck Tenno!

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