Fishing in Warfame

Welcome, Tenno. Are the fish biting today?

This time let’s dive into the depths to uncover the mysteries of Fishing in Warframe; and there is no one better for that than the fisher Hai-Luk to help us with our gear. As most of you might know, this is a new and interesting way to get resources in Warframe, added with Plains of Eidolon update. I love it, and you?

What can be fished

In the next list you can see every possible capture you can obtain and the places where they appear more frequently. As you can see, I have taken the liberty of adding some notes on every one of them to make it easier to find them

Main Lake

Fishing Charc Eel
Fishing Mawfish
Fishing Norg

Mountain Rivers and Lakes

Fishing Yogwun
Fishing Khut-Khut
Fishing Cuthol


Fishing Goopolla
Fishing Tralok
Fishing Sharrac
Fishing Karkina
Fishing Murkray
Fishing Glappid
  • D: Appear during day.
  • N: Appear during night
  • Bite: It’s advisable to use specific baits.

Those fish from the list where no bait is specified are the ones you can get using any bait.

Moreover, each fish has a different value in Standing Points for the Ostrons, depending on the rarity of your catches. All the information about this topic can be found in the special entry “Ostron Standing“.

Ostron Standing

In the Advanced Guide about Ostron Standing you aer going to find very useful information to advance faster, Tenno.

Advanced Guide Ostron Standing

Fishing tools

Lanzo Pesca Fishing
Tulok Pesca Fishing
Peram PEsca Fishing
Carnada Pesca fishing Bait
Fishing Bite Pesca
Luminos Fishing

For fishing in Warframe you will have special tools dedicated exclusive to it. This tools can be found among the different objects offered by the Fisher Hai-Luk.

There are four tools we can consider “Essential” or “Basic”, these are the Fishing Harpoons, and the fish baits, both Peppered and the Twilight, and finally the Luminos Dye.

On the next list I’m going to show you the different Harpoons you can find in the Fisherwoman Hai-Luk store, as well as the minimum Reputation requirements and its Ostron Standing Points cost:

  • Fishing Harpoons
  • Lanzo Fishing Spear
  • Tulok Fishing Spear
  • Peram Fishing Spear
  • Minimum Reputation
  • Neutral
  • Offworlder
  • Trusted
  • Standing Points
  • 500
  • 2000
  • 7500

*The Tulok fishing harpoon is one of the “free” offerings among we can choose when we increase our Reputation to the Offworlder level.

The Fishing Harpoon, as well as most tools in Warframe, have to be equipped in your gear tool through your arsenal. When they are equipped you can use it with your tool key (Q) during your raids in the Plains.

Unlike Harpoons, the rest of Fishing tools (baits, dyes, etc.) will self-equip in our specific fishing gear tool.

It can be confusing at first, so I’m going to try to make it simpler in a few steps:

  • Equip the Fishing Harpoon in your gear tool: Arsenal – Tools – Assign the Harpoon.
Fishing Spear
  • Use the Fishing Harpoon: In the Plains press (Q) – Select the Harpoon.
Fishing Spear

Use the Fishing Tools: When we are using the Harpoon press (Q) – Select the Object.

Fishing Tools

Fishing Resources:

I have talked about the different fish types that can be found on Plains of Eidolon, also about the different tools you may use to catch them. Now I am going to talk about the different Resources that these fishes can give you.

There are two types, those that all fishes share, and those that are specific from each one. Let me clarify it in the following table.

  • Shared Resources
  • Fishing Meat
  • Fish Scales
  • Fish Oil
  • Fish
  • Mawfish
  • Charc Eel
  • Norg
  • Mortus Lungfish
  • Khut-Khut
  • Yogwun
  • Cuthol
  • Boot
  • Goopolla
  • Tralok
  • Sharrac
  • Karkina
  • Murkray
  • Glappid
  • Resource
  • Mawfish Bones
  • Charc Electroplax
  • Norg Brain
  • Mortus Horn
  • Khut-Khut Venom Sac
  • Yogwun Stomach
  • Cuthol Tendrils
  • ¿Seriously?
  • Goopolla Spleen
  • Tralok Eyes
  • Sharrac Teeth
  • Karkina Antenna
  • Murkray Liver
  • Seram Beetle Shell

These resources will be essential to craft most of the objects you can get in Cetus. From Baits to Zaw will need these fishing resources to be craft.

The more you progress in your Ostron Reputation, the more blueprints and powerful tools you can get, but also you need more exotic resources to craft them.

I hope everything you have read helps you to progress on your path, Tenno.

As always, if you find any missing information or some sort of mistake, let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

(Something has bitten! it’s… a boot?!)

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