Welcome everyone to the Plains of Eidolon!

For sure you’ve already walked through its hills and climb some mountains, not to mention some occasional baths in its warm waters. Well, I think it’s time to talk more in depth about this new lands which just appeared in Warframe universe.

This lines you are reading right now are the starting point of our discovery journey. We will have to go step by step to uncover all the secrets hidden in Plains of Eidolon.

Cetus, home of the ostrons

Eidolon Cetus

The Cetus settlement is the first place we arrive, and from there we will have access for the first time to Plains of Eidolon. Its inhabitants, the Ostrons, share these lands with the Grineer and Sentients remnants, which rise at nightfall spreading wreaking havoc and destruction.

On this settlement we can talk and trade with the Ostrons, discovering ancient secrets only they know, but always in exchange of our help and support.

Here you have the new entry for Cetus Merchants, Tenno:

Here you have the new entry for Ostron Standing, Tenno:

Here you have the new Advanced Guide for Ostron Standing, Tenno:

Here you have the new entry for Quills Standing, Tenno:

The Plains of Eidolon

Mapa Llanuras de Eidolon Plains of Eidolon Map

In Plains of Eidolon we can find a breathtaking scenery, where we can move between lakes, rivers, mountains and seas. But do not let yourself be impressed by its views and scenery, Plains of Eidolon are a brutal and ruthless place with no second chances.

And like almost every planet I know, we can see the stars at night. Which reminds me that, in real time, we can enjoy 90 minutes of sunlight followed by 50 minutes of darkness. These cycles are related to the planet rotation, so do not be surprised if the day or night seem short at first.

Ah! I almost forgot one thing, be careful at night, you can be surprised by enemies much tougher than the ones during the day, not to mention the Teralyst and Vomvalyst Eidolons. Sentient ghosts, ancient war machines which fought against the Orokin empire.


In terms of Resources we can find in Plains of Eidolon, we are working non stop to complete the lists with all the information you need to know (and it’s not an easy work!). For now we have managed to classify them by groups, to make it easier for you. This Resource groups are:

As you can imagine, this will be constantly evolving, so stay tuned Tenno!

Here you have the entry for Mining Resources, Tenno

Here you have the entry for Fishing, Tenno

Here you have the entry for Other Resources, Tenno

Here you have the entry for Special Resources, Tenno



In this section we are going to talk about the equipment added to our arsenal, both weapons and mods. I can tell you that you’ll have to investigate some weapons first in your Dojo labs (Clan), and you’ll find the blueprints of the rest in the market console of your ship.

In terms of the new Mod Sets (Augur, Vigilante and Gladiator), you’ll find them as a possible reward form Konzu contracts, in Cetus.

And finally I’ll explain everything about Gara Warframe, something many of you were waiting for.

I talk more deeply about all of this in another entry, so we don’t miss any detail. Be patient Tenno!

All the information related with the mods sets is here, Tenno!

Here you have all the information related with the New Warframe Gara, Tenno!

All you need to know about the New Hunter Mods Set, Tenno!



We can find an interesting variety of missions which I am going to mention. These missions will guarantee us, if we accomplish them, a series of rewards, including the new Mod Sets (Augur, Gladiator, and Vigilante), the blueprints of the parts of the new Warframe Gara, and a respectable quantity of Standing Points with the Cetus settlement and Resources. These missions are:

All these missions are affected by the same factor, they have a time limit in which we have to complete them or we will have failed our beloved Lotus.

Here you have all the information about the Cetus Bounties Tenno!


Movements - Land
Archwing Eidolon

We have two options in the way we move through Plains of Eidolon, both with advantages and disadvantages.

What the Ostrons call walking, is bullet jump, glide and jump for the Tenno. This is a slower way to move (obviously), but with this kind of movement we can discover a huge amount of details, resources and objects (and also enemies, a lot of enemies).

And what the Ostrons insist to call “fly”, is for us using our Archwings (and try not to crash in the process, of course). This is the fastest way to move, but we will loose a lot of details and discoveries.

Here you have all the information about how to move in the Plains, Tenno!


Plains Enemies

In Plains of Eidolon you can find a new kind of enemies. For sure they will give you some surprises, so stay on guard Tenno, I don’t want to have to recover your severed limbs.

The Grineer soldiers of the Tusk company are the more common enemies on the Plains, and I know what you are going to say, “they are Grineer, the most difficult part is wash the blood stains!”… Well, good luck if you get to far from the Ostron settlement.

We can also find another kind of enemy, The Terralyst Eidolons. A fierce Sentient war machines which wander across the Plains at nightfall trying to recompose. You can identify them quite easily, they are huge like mountains but with a subtle difference, they are heavily armed and will try to crush you like a bug.

And last but not least we have the Vomvalyst Eidolons, a small ball-shaped machines which wander like the Terralysts but in groups. You may take them down one by one, but be careful with large groups of these little machines.

Here you have all the information about Eidolon Teralyst Boss!

Here you have all the information about Eidolon Vomvalist, Tenno.

Here you have all the information about the Grineer Tusk Corps.

Operator and the new Focus System

New Focus System

This is one of the biggest innovations we can find in Plains of Eidolon, Tenno. Now our Operator is vitally important to face the new Sentient enemies.

With the new system, our Operator becomes an active fighter who, with the abilities and resistances of our Warframes, will allow us to face and defeat the Terralysts and Vomvalysts Eidolons.

To be able to obtain the new functionality of our operator, you will need to finish the Adventure “Saya’s Vigil”, where we can obtain part of the new equipment for our Operator and the access to the “Eidolon Hunter” in Cetus.

Here you have the special entry for the Focus System, Tenno

Adventure: Saya’s vigil (Gara’s Warframe)

And finally, I am going to tell you the details you need to now about the new Quest which Konzu will give us, in Cetus. Its name is “Saya’s Vigil”, and when we accomplish it we will get the Blueprint of the new Warframe, Gara.

The blueprints of Gara’s parts can be obtained as a reward on the three low level missions which Konzu offer us as Bounties.

Here you have the special entry for Saya’s Vigil Quest, Tenno

As always, we hope you find this information useful, in case you find any error or find that there is something we are missiong, we will be gratefull that you leave a comment below.

Good luck Tenno!

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