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Here you can find detailed information about the resources we can get through mining in Plains of Eidolon, where the Ostron specialist is Old man Suumbat.

Mining: General Information

The mining related resources are the ones you can find and obtain only using the mining tool “Nosam Cutter” (either basic, focused or advanced), which you can obtain trading with the Old man Suumbat on Cetus, in exchange for some Standing Points.

This materials are divided in two categories: Noble metals and Gems. In each category are refined and unrefined materials.

You can identify the different mining materials by the color of the veins you can find during your raids into the Plains. The Red Veins indicate the presence of Noble Metals, while the Blue Veins indicate the presence of Gems.

As I mentioned before, you’ll need a specific mining tool to obtain these minerals. I explain later how it works and as well as certain particularities about mining in Warframe.

And now let’s see what kind of Noble Metals and Gems we can obtain.

  • Unrefined Noble Metals
  • Pyrol
  • Ferros
  • Coprun
  • Auron
  • Refined Noble Metals
  • Pyrotic Alloy
  • Fersteel Alloy
  • Coprite Alloy
  • Auroxium Alloy
  • Unrefined Gems
  • Azurite
  • Veridos
  • Devar
  • Crimzian
  • Sentirum
  • Nyth
  • Refined Gems
  • Tear Azurite
  • Marquise Veridos
  • Esher Devar
  • Star Crimzian
  • Radiant Sentirum
  • Heart Nyth

*The Unrefined Gems you can get have two possible uses. The first one is refine them, you have to buy a specific Blueprint for every one to Old man Suumbat and use some amount of Unrefined Gems to obtain a Refined Gem.

The second one is the exchange for some Standing Points. You can find more detailed information in the Plains of Eidolon: Ostron Standing entry.

Ostron Standing

Mining Tools

Nosam Cutter

Nosam Mining

Focused Nosam

Nosam Enfocado Minería

Advanced Nosam

Advanced Nosam Mining

Now you have seen the specific materials you can find mining in the Plains, I’m going to explain how the Nosam Cutters works.

The Nosam Cutters are the specific tools for mining. Without them you can not extract the minerals from the different veins, so it is the essential tool to your progress in Plains of Eidolon.

It is possible to find three different Nosam Cutters trading with the Old man Suumbat on Cetus in exchange for Standing Points depending on your Reputation level with the Ostrons.

  • Mining Tool
  • Nosam Cutter
  • *Focused Nosam Cutter
  • *Advanced Nosam Cutrer
  • Minimum Reputation
  • Neutral
  • Visitor
  • Surah
  • Standing Points
  • 500
  • 10000
  • 20000

*The Focused Nosam Cutter will be one of the Offerings you can choose for “free” when you get the Visitor Reputation level.

*The Advanced Nosam Cutter will be also one of the Offerings you can choose for “free” when you get the Surah Reputation level.

Obviously, in this case the quality of the tools have a huge impact in the quality and quantity of the resources you get mining. The Focused Nosam Cutter has a better extraction capability than the normal Nosam Cutter, and a more extensive mineral vein detection radius.

The Advanced Nosam Cutter, besides being more powerful than the Focused Nosam Cutter, includes not only the vein demarcation on the mini-map, but also a greater detection radius, so it will be hard to miss any vein, and every vein you mine will get you more minerals.

Factors which influence Mining

The mining quality is also important, I mean, when you use this tools in a vein, you’ll see a discontinued lines pattern which disappear as soon as you start mining. Before you start, look carefully the patter, this is very important, because the more you approach to the original patter, more amount of resources you can get.

Extracción de Gemas Mining

When you start mining a vein, you can see a progress bar on the upper side with five mineral represented in. When you start cutting, this bar will be filling as you progress. Depending on the vein type, this five levels indicate the vein quality, and hence the amount of mineral you can extract.

Azurita Mining

To sum up, in mining there are three factors which determinate the quantity and quality of the resources you extract.

  • First, the mining tools used. Higher quality means more mineral amount and quality.
  • Second, the cutting ability plays a major role in the amount of mineral you can get. The closer you get to the original patter, the more mineral you can extract.
  • Third, the quality of the mineral vein. This means that, regardless of our mining tools or our ability cutting the vein, every vein has an independent and unique quality. In other words, if the vein is poor you will get only a few minerals, and if the vein is rich you get a lot of minerals.

And that’s it, I hope it was helpful.

As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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