Welcome, Tenno.

Currently there are two ways to move across the Plains of Eidolon, either running on the ground or flying through the air with your Archwing. For the second one I going to give you detailed information about how to get it, and for the first one I give you some advice.

1. Moving on the ground

Moving on the ground it’s not usually a big deal, Tenno. You can jump great distances, run for countless hours and glide for a few seconds. But until now, it had not been done in open world areas, when it seems you never arrive to that Grineer Camp, or your favorite Fishing area.

There are several ways that these moments which seem never-ending, are bearable. My first advice is that you try to be most of the time in the air. How to do it?

Movements - Land

To make a jump which takes you further, you have to use several key in a certain order.

  • First, while you are moving forward, press Ctrl (crouch) to slide on the floor, and quickly press SPACE (jump) to jump with a strong impulse.
  • Second, in the middle of the jump press Right Click (aim) to glide in the air. This way you can “stretch” the jump. Very useful to cross the lakes or climb down mountains.
  • Third, You can use this step or not depending on the situation. When you are gliding, press SHIFT (Dodge/Sprint), don’t keep it pressed, is just a simple touch. This way you earn an extra impulse to move even faster.

For those who have the warframe Titania, you can take advantage of its Ability “Razorwing” (4th), to fly as if you have your Archwing equipped. Something to consider to move faster, definitely.

2. Archwing Launcher

Here you have the way to move you use the most once you have access to it, the Archwing. With it you can cross the Plains of Eidolon in seconds, not minutes, which is a very comfortable way to arrive to your destination. However, you have to achieve a few thing before you can use it.

First you need a Clan where you can Investigate the Archwing Launcer Segment, which takes 72 hours to complete. After waiting 3 days, you have to craft it in your Foundry, to craft it you will need a significant amount of Resources, and 12 hours to complete it.

Archwing Eidolon

Once you have the Segment crafted, you have to reclaim and install it. With all this steps done, you can craft the Archwing Launcher (x50) in your Foundry.

When you have the Archwing Launcher, to use it in Plains of Eidolon, first you have to equip it in your Gear Wheel. To do that enter in Arsenal, Tools, and select the Archwing Launcher.

When you are in the Plains press the tool key (Q), select the Archwing Launcher and… Fly away! Well, as long as you have a Mastery Rank equal or greater than 5, because this is an impassable requirement.

We hope this information is helpful. As always, if you find any mistake or missing information, we would appreciate it if you let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno

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