Welcome Tenno,

Here you will find all the useful information related with the Ostron Standing. From “What is it” to “How to use it” and “Why to use it”. I will also give you some advice about how to use it in your first steps so you will find easier to get to the Top as soon as possible.

Who are the Ostrons?

“A tight knit band os merchants, hucksters, and survivors, the Ostrons call Cetus their home. The town was built around an Orokin Tower, that both protects and nourishes them.”

This is the description that can be read when you access the Ostron Standing by talking with Konzu.

Konzu is the Ostrons representative before the Tenno, the one who will give us information about our situation with Cetus, and can be found near the Plains of Eidolon gates.

Moreover, he is the one to whom you have to talk with in order to increase your Standing Level so you can progress and have access to more and better artifacts on the Cetus merchant shops.



What is the Ostron Standing?

The Standing is the way the Tenno commitment level with a Faction can be measured, in this case the Ostron Standing measures the commitment level with the Ostrons. The higher this Standing level is, the better the offers of Cetus Shops will be.

In addition, the Standing Points is the only way the Tenno can trade with a Faction, is something similar to a “favor exchange”. In this case, we can use the Ostron Standing Points to buy Blueprints and Objects from the different merchants on Cetus.

How you can get Ostron Standing?

Right now you have five different ways to get Standing Points, which I will explain one by one with every detail so you can take advantage of each one of them.

1. Cetus Bounties

The first and more direct way is the Bounties Konzu offers. This Bounties are divided by Difficulty Levels, and they are composed of several “phases” you have to complete to accomplish the mission. Currently there are 5 Levels or Tiers, the approximate standing you will get appears in the next table.

  • Bounty Level
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Total
  • Standing Points
  • 650
  • 1400
  • 2100
  • 2600
  • 3100
  • 10000

Remember that the standing Points values are approximate, because every time the bounties change, the Standing Points you can get change as well, increasing or decreasing.

2. Sorties

The incursions are the missions Lotus will offer when you are in the Plains and don’t have any active Bounty. You will get a transmission from Lotus informing you about some movement or situation of the Grineer Troops, with a time limit to accept the mission.

To be able to accept this incursions you simply have to get closer to the marker you’ll see on the map before the time runs out. You get a reward and more important, 500 Standing Points, when you accomplish the incursion (depending of which mission is).

3. Fishing

Fishing offers something more than the satisfaction of catching an exotic prey and cut out in Hai-Luk’s Store to get the Resources each catch can have. Each Fish you catch has a Standing Point value for the Ostrons, and you can take advantage of this situation in Hai-Luk’s Store, selection the option “Fishing Services”, “Select Fish”, and then the option “Provide Fish”.

The amount of Standing Points you can get this way is conditioned by two factors, the rarity of the fish provided and the daily limit you can see in the central part “Daily Standing Available” which depends on your Standing level in the Ostron Faction.

In the next table you have the detailed information about the amount of Standing Points you can get with this method.

Fishing is the easier way to get Ostron Standing, maybe you may take a look to our Advanced Guide for Ostron Standing, where we explain everything in detail.

FishSizeStanding Points
Charc Eel(S)25
Charc Eel(M)35
Charc Eel(L)50
Mortus Lung Fish(S)100
Mortus Lung Fish(M)125
Mortus Lung Fish(L)200
4. Mining
Old Man Suumbat

You can also exchange for Standing Points the raw Gems you will find in the Plains to increase your Ostron Standing. To do that you will have to talk with the Old Man Suumbat in the Cetus Market, and select the option “Exchange Gems for Ostron Standing”.

In the next table you’ll have all the information about the amount of Standing Points you can get for each Gem.

  • Gem
  • Azurite
  • Devar
  • Veridos
  • Crimzian
  • Sentirum
  • Nyth
  • Standing Points
  • +25
  • +25
  • +50
  • +100
  • +400
  • +400
5. Zaws

The Zaws are the weapons you can craft in the Hok’s Anvil, having to buy its parts Blueprints, craft them in your foundry and join them in Hok’s Store. When you have a rank 30 Zaw, you will have the option to exchange it for Standing Points to increase your Ostron Standing.

To do that you will have to talk to Hok in the Cetus market, select the option “Other Services” and then “Donate”.

The amount of standing points you will get this way, will be determiend by the quality of the Zaw components. Higher quality means more Ostron Standing Points.

How Ostron Standing works?

The functioning of the Ostrons Standing is the same as any other Faction Standing, with one exception, the Standing you have with the Ostrons can not diminish. This means every action you do can only have two possible results, rise you Standing or not.

This Standing is organized by levels, there are six different levels and we have to accumulate a specific amount to reach the next Level. To know your situation with the Ostron Faction you’ll have to talk with Konzu and choose the option “Ostron Standing”, in this menu is where you can also increase you Standing Level in the option “Next Title”.

Inside the option “Next Title” you also have the information about the sacrifice you have to do to increase you Position inside the Ostron faction. To increase your Level you’ll have to “sacrifice” certain objects, resources and Standing Points. In the next table you can see exactly what the Ostrons will ask for as payment for the access to the next level.

Another benefit of increasing your Ostron Standing Level will be the increment of your daily Standing Point limit. This limit resets each 24 hours, so when you reach that limit you can’t accumulate more points until the next day.

  • Reputation Level and Sacrifice

    5000 Standing Points
    10000 Credits
    Grokdrul x25
    Isadite x25
    Nistlepod x25

    22000 Standing Points
    25000 Credits
    60 Fish Scales
    40 Pyrol
    10 Tear Azurite

    44000 Standing Points
    50000 Credits
    Cetus Wisp x1
    Maprico x5

    70000 Standing Points
    100000 Credits
    Fersteel Alloy x40
    Maprico x10
    Murkray Liver x5
  • KIN

    99000 Standing Points
    200000 Credits
    Cuthol Tendrils x1
    Norg Brain x1
    Nyth x1
    Sentirum x1

Stay Sharp, Tenno. Each time you increase your Standing Level appears a window in which you’ll have a lot of object among you can choose one. This object is a “gift” the Ostrons will give you for increasing your Level, and you have to choose wisely.

My advice is that you choose always tools when they are among this objects, and I mean Fishing Harpoons and Nosam Cutters, because with them you can fish more and mine more, two things you’ll be interested in to advance and progress easily in your path across the Plains of Eidolon.

Why accumulate Ostron Standing?

The most important reason why you have to increase your Ostron Standing is to unlock more and better objects in the Cetus Market stores. If you notice it, when you go to a store like Hok’s, Suummbat or Hai-Luk’s, you have the option “Check Articles”.

In the menu that will appear, you can see every article the store offer, but some of them are inaccessible. In these cases there is a title which appears above the articles you CAN’T buy, where you can see “Requires…” and the name of the Title you’ll need to have access to this objects and Blueprints.

What do you spend your Ostron Standing Points on?

Many of you have a clear idea about what do you want to bu with your Standing Points, other ones maybe are a little confused or overwhelmed by all the information you have just seen (the ones who read so far, of course).

The first thing you have to focus on is something will allow you to increase your Standing Level to have access as soon as possible to the objects and better quality Blueprints.

In my experience, you’ll need to accumulate 7000 Standing Points with the “Neutral” Title, and now I am going to tell you what you should buy:

Fisher Hai-Luk:

  • Lanzo Harpoon: 500 Points.
  • Peppered Bait: 500 Points.
  • Luminos Dye: 500 Points.

Old man Suumbat:

  • Nosam Cutter: 500 Points

So far you have spent 2000 points. This object will allow you to take your first steps in Fishing on the Plains easily, craft first the Luminos Dye to see the fishes clearly. For your first steps in Mining, if you have a Nosam Cutter equipped among your tools, you can use every time you move from one fishing spot to other one to accumulate minerals and gems.

The other 5000 will be to increase your Ostron Standing Level.

Now I recommend you to accumulate another 6000 Points to spend in the next things:

Old man Suumbat:

  • Tear Azurita: 1000 Points.
  • Pyrotic Alloy: 1000 Points.

Fisher Hai-Luk:

  • Tulok Harpoon: 2000 Points.
  • Twilight Bait: 2000 Points.

The Tulok Harpoon is one of the “gifts” I’ve mentioned before, and do not hesitate and accept it. Now what changes with the previous strategy is that you can use the bait to fish at night.

Moreover, with the Azurita and Pirol Blueprints you can take your first steps in Zaw weapons crafting, trading with Hok, and also prepare your inventory for the Next Sacrifice.

Once you are at this point Tenno, you may be interested on the Advanced Guide for Ostron Standing, so you can rise fast your Ostron Faction Level.

And that’s all related with the Ostron Standing, Tenno. We hope it was helpful and you can advance easily.

As always, if you see any mistake or missing information, we’ll appreciate you let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno.

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