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In this section we are going to talk about six different Resources with two common thing, one is the fact that all of them are found in Plains of Eidolon and the other is that we can farm them witout using special Tools, unlike the resources you can get from Mining and Fishing.

1. Iradite

Iradite is a Resource you can find practically in every corner on Plains of Eidolon. It is a rock formations that rise from the surface, and you can identify it easily by their dark color and a red glowing lines.

This Resource is used to craft practically any object you can buy in Cetus Market, from fishing dyes to Archwing launcher, you will need a lot of Iradite.

The amount of Iradita you can get are small, but it is compensated by the large Iradite rock formations you can find in Plains of Eidolon.

Iradite Formation

Iradita Iradite

2. Grokdrul

Like the Iradite, Grokdrul is a Resource you will need to craft practically anything you use in Plains of Eidolon. You can find it mainly in the Grineer Camps, having to break the Grokdrul Drums to obtain it.

In less quantity, you also can get it by opening any kind of chests, whether near or not the Grineer Camps. (although is always more fun to annihilate an entire Grineer Camp with the excuse of getting Grokdrul… or whatever).

Grokdrul Drum


3. Maprico

The Maprico tree is a fruit-tree that can grow and develop in practically any place in the Plains, although the better conditions for this tree to grow are given in the South-West part of the map. That is to say, the lower left half of the Plains.

Its Fruits are used mostly in objects related to Fishing, baits and dyes will ask you this fruit as a Resource to craft them. You can get all fishing gear in Hai-Luk Fisher store.

Maprico Tree


4. Nistlepod

The first peculiarity of this plant is that it is a carnivorous plant. The Nistlebrush use the Nistlepods to catch their prey and then devour them. It is something so horrible and dreadful that I don’t want to know more about it, apart from the fact that its Pods are used for a lot of different things.

The Nistlebrush is a plant which feels comfortable at high altitude and tougher conditions than the Maprico Tree. We can find it quite easily and in large quantities in any of the two mountains in Plains of Eidolon.



5. Condroc Wing

Condoroc is an opportunist bird, and I mean that it does not care if its prey is alive or not. A Grineer corpse is as appetizing for one of this birds like as a lonely and unaware Grineer soldier. Thanks to its sharp wings, this bird is capable of killing and scarf its prey, no matter whether they have armor or not. And seeing what they are capable of doing to a Grineer almost gives pity to hunt them… almost.



6. Kuaka Spinal Claw

Don’t trust its “adorable” appearance (Does anyone really like this thing? No, Seriously, it’s painful to see), if you enter in some parts of the Plains, you will see Kuaka nests, and I don’t think you like what you are going to discover, because they are full of bones and rotting corpses. I’ve never seen one of these rodents attack, but don’t lower your guard, Tenno.

Like the Condoroc or Iradite, you can find small groups of Kuakas practically in every place of the Plains. Its Spinal Claws have many different uses for the object manufacture. So think about it, besides doing a favor to the world, we get valuable resources in the process, a win-win situation.

I recommend you out at night you collect its Spinal Claws, because the Vomvalists will be patrolling the Plains and killing everything that moves. It will be easy to find them in the dark because they glow and you can see it at long distances.



Farming Advice

Finally I’m going to give some advice to make easier both detecting and farming this Resources. The first thing is, if you have it, use the mod “Thief’s Wit”, because it highlight any resource and object near you, so it will be harder to miss any Iradite rock formation for example.

The second thing I can tell you is, if you can, use any kind of Sentinel with the mod “Vacuum”, in this manner, the Sentinel will be collecting every Resource within an 11,5 meter radius. If you also use the mod “Animal Instinct”, your Sentinel detect and mark the Resources near you, avoiding you the use of warframe mods that do the same thing.

And that’s all. We hope this information is useful. Like always, if you find any mistake or missing information, we’ll appreciate you let us know through the comments below.

Good luck, Tenno

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