Welcome, Tenno.

This time I’m going to talk about the mysteries hidden behind the closed doors we can see when we come to Cetus. I’m going to unveil all those mysteries, but all in due time.

1. Who are the Quills?

The Quills are an old Earth faction which coexists with the Ostrons. Their mysterious capabilities allow them to see beyond past, present and future, for the Quills these three temporal spaces are the same, because they share the same moment.

They are capable to see the possibilities of every decision whose consequences may influence the past, present and future in the same way.

This faction of Warframe universe which can be found in Cetus has a special connection with the Void and the forces hidden in it. Moreover, they know the old fighting ways which will help you to face the challenges that are to come.

Their representative is Quill Onkko Prime, Saya’s husband, who can be found in a room, initially closed, just behind where Konzu is.

2. How can you open the doors?

The first thing you need to know is that, these doors will remain closed for those of you who have not completed these two Quests, The first one is “Saya’s Vigil”, and the second is “The War Within”.

Once you have completed these Quests you have to go to that doors and use your Operator to open them (pressing 5). To this room you can only enter with your Operator, hence you have to complete the previous Quests I mentioned before.

3. What is Quills Standing?

Like the other Faction and Syndicates, Quills Standing measures the commitment level of a Tenno with this Faction. The higher the Standing Level you have, the better equipment you can access.

Similarly, the Standing Points you have in each faction works as the only “currency” the factions accept to trade with the Tenno and sell their equipment. This makes the Standing Points essential for the development of any Tenno in Warframe universe.

4. How to obtain Quills Standing Points?

To be able to obtain Standing for the Quills you only have one option, and its exchange Sentient Cores for Standing Points. To get these Cores you have to go out to the Plains at night and face an ancient war machines, the Eidolons.

All the information about these Resources can be found in the entry about the Special Resources in Plains of Eidolon.

Each type of Sentient Core grants you a different amount of Standing Points:

5. How Quill Standing works?

One of the most important differences with the other syndicates and factions, is that the Standing you win with the Quills can not diminish. And thank goodness, because, in my opinion, is one of the factions in which it is more difficult to increase the Standing Level.

The Sentient Cores do not provide many points, so you have to farm a huge amount of them to advance in your Standing Level with the Quills, besides you can only do it at night, which restrict even more the capacity to gather this Cores.

Quills Standing

Like the other Factions, every time you increase your Standing Level you can choose an object, and the decision won’t be easy, I assure you. With the Quills, I advise you to choose any option related with AMPs (Operator weapons)

Each Level you increase will require a sacrifice, and higher the Level is, obviously, the greater the sacrifice. In the next table I show you every sacrifice you have to do if you want to ascend in this Faction, Tenno.

  • Standing Tier and Sacrifice
  • Neutral
  • Mote

    30000 Credits
    5000 Standing Points
    Intact Sentient Core x10
  • Observer

    50000 Credits
    22000 Standing Points
    Intact Sentient Cores x20
  • Adherent

    100000 Credits
    44000 Standing Points
    Eidolon Shard x10
  • Instrument

    250000 Credits
    70000 Standing Points
    Eidolon Shard x20
  • Architect

    500000 Credits
    99000 Standing Points
    Eidolon Shard x30

To know how you can get both Sentient Cores and Eidolon Shards I recommend you to look this entry about Special Resources in Plains of Eidolon, where it is explained in detail. In this way you can be more effective to gather them. If you need more information related with the Eidolon Teralyst Hunt, you may take a look to our entry “Bosses: Eidolon Teralyst“.

6. Why accumulate Quills Standing?

The most important reason is to advance in your path through the Warframe universe. The Quills will open the gates to a new fighting style with your Operator, inaccessible otherwise. Moreover, The higher you Standing Level is with the Quills, the more and better equipment you can access.

This is important, because to be able to defeat the Eidolons you need to know and improve your Operator as a warrior. The better you fight with your Operator, the easier will be to get Sentient Cores and faster you will ascend.

7. What to spend your Quills Standing Points?

As I mentioned earlier, the most important thing is increase your Operator fighting capability, so you need to improve your gear.

At this point, you must know that the “Armors” Onkko offers are purely aesthetic, so, in my opinion, they are your last priority. This gives you two options to improve your gear, AMPs and Arcanes.

And that’s all about Quills Standing, Tenno.

We hope this information is helpful and, as always, if you see any mistake or missing information, we appreciate you let us know through the comments below.

Good luck!

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