Welcome Tenno, now we are going to talk about the Tusk Corps of the Grineer army.

You will find these enemies in the Plains of Eidolon, a Grineer soldiers who patrol the Plains and harass the Ostrons from their Advanced Camps.

Among their heavy and elite troops stand out the following ones:

Tusk Heavy Gunner

With a powerful armor and an Antiaircraft Archwing Gun, is capable to devastate huge areas in a few seconds.

Artillera Colmillo Tusk

Tusk Bombard

This fearsome enemy is armed with a modified missile launcher able to exterminate, with only one shot, with the warframes with lower defenses. Don’t let your guard down in front of this enemy, Tenno.

Bombardero Colmillo Tusk

Tusk Mortar Bombard

Equipped with a mortar on his back, this enemy will make your life hell over long distances if you don’t eliminate him fast enough.

Tusk Napalm

A pyromaniac Grineer with a heavy combat armor and an incendiary missile launcher. You don’t want to get too close to him, it may be the last thing you do, Tenno.

Napalm colmillo tusk

If the Plains of Eidolon are already dangerous by themselves, the presence of the Tusk Corps only complicates the situation even more. This four enemies we mentioned are, among the entire Tusk Corps, the most dangerous ones. You have to try to eliminate them as fast as you can, or maybe your corpses will decorate the personal chamber of Vay Hek, Tenno.

Recommended Build

In terms of how to end Grineer Tusk Corps, each Tenno has their own strategies, but the most advisable way is Radiation damage (Heat + Electric) to weaken their Alloy Armor. Besides, you can cause the Radiaton proc, which causes the affected enemies not to distinguish between friend and enemy, attacking those who are closer.

On the other hand, the Viral damage (Cold + Toxic) will serve you to consume the cloned flesh hidden in those bulky armors.

Recommended Entries

That’s all about the advice of how to face the Grineer settled in Plains of Eidolon.

As always, we hope this information has been useful to you, if you find any mistake or missing information we appreciate you let us know through the comments below.

Good luck Tenno.

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