Latron Prime

Latron Prime is a semiautomatic rifle ornamented and accurate. This rifle was used by the Orokin elite troops for incursions behind enemy lines, being appreciated by its infallible accuracy and its fire power.

With the Latron Prime you will be able to pierce through any armor, no matter how thick and resistant it is. Orokin elite troops used this weapon taking advantage of its piercing capability to eliminate several enemies with only one shot.

Required Mastery Rank10
Fire Rate4.17
Critical Chance22%
Critical Multiplierx2.8
Latron Prime ES

Comparing it with its other two versions, Latron and Latron Wraith, Latron Prime is twice as powerful as its regular version.

And comparing it with its Wraith version, it has a superior critical chance and fire rate, being only half as powerful in damage.

How to get the Latron Prime

Latron Prime can be obtained in three different ways. The first on is buying the Frost Prime Access, which also includes Frost Prime and Reaper Prime, among other exclusive accessories.

The second way will be… bittersweet. This is because you can get it almost for sure, but in exchange you have to pay whatever they ask you, since it is about trading with other Tenno who have the parts you need.

Last but not least, you can always open the Relics which contain the different parts of the Latron Prime and, with a little luck, you will obtain this precious weapon.

Prime PartRelicActive/Vaulted
Akstiletto Prime BarrelAxi A1Vaulted
Braton Prime StockAxi A1Vaulted
Fragor Prime HeadAxi A1Vaulted
Nikana Prime BlueprintAxi A1Vaulted
Trinity Prime Systems BlueprintAxi A1Vaulted
Aklex Prime BlueprintAxi A2Baro Ki'Teer
Aklex Prime LinkAxi A2Baro Ki'Teer
Lex Prime BarrelAxi A2Baro Ki'Teer
Lex Prime BlueprintAxi A2Baro Ki'Teer
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi A2Baro Ki'Teer
Braton Prime BarrelAxi A3Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceAxi A3Vaulted
Kogake Prime BootAxi A3Vaulted
Cernos Prime StringAxi A3Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi A3Vaulted
Akbolto Prime ReceiverAxi A3Vaulted
Braton Prime StoockAxi A4Active
Zephyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi A4Active
Ballistica Prime StringAxi A4Active
Fang Prime HandleAxi A4Active
Akbolto Prime ReceiverAxi A4Active
Ash Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi B1Vaulted
Banshee Prime Systems BlueprintAxi B1Vaulted
Cernos Prime BlueprintAxi B1Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintAxi B1Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeAxi B1Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BuckleAxi B1Vaulted
Banshee Prime Systems BlueprintAxi B2Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeAxi B2Vaulted
Fragor Prime HeadAxi B2Vaulted
Orthos Prime BlueprintAxi B2Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BlueprintAxi B2Vaulted
Cernos Prime Lower LimbAxi C1Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi C1Vaulted
Orthos Prime BlueprintAxi C1Vaulted
Trinity Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi C1Vaulted
Vectis Prime BarrelAxi C1Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintAxi C2Vaulted
Cernos Prime Lower LimbAxi C2Vaulted
Fragor Prime HandleAxi C2Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BladeAxi C2Vaulted
Ember Prime BlueprintAxi E1Active
Frost Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi E1Active
Glaive Prime BladeAxi E1Active
Latron Prime BarrelAxi E1Active
Sicarus Prime BlueprintAxi E1Active
Braton Prime StockAxi E2Vaulted
Bronco Prime BarrelAxi E2Vaulted
Euphona Prime ReceiverAxi E2Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi E2Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintAxi E2Active
Galatine Prime BlueprintAxi G1Vaulted
Kavasa Prime Kubrow Collar BlueprintAxi G1Vaulted
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi G1Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintAxi G1Vaulted
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintAxi G1Vaulted
Fragor Prime HeadAxi H1Vaulted
Helios Prime CerebrumAxi H1Vaulted
Trinity Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi H1Vaulted
Vectis Prime BarrelAxi H1Vaulted
Akstiletto Prime BarrelAxi H2Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleAxi H2Vaulted
Helios Prime CerebrumAxi H2Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi H2Vaulted
Oberon Prime BlueprintAxi H2Vaulted
Trinity Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi H2Vaulted
Kronen Prime BlueprintAxi H3Vaulted
Cernos Prime GripAxi H3Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceAxi H3Vaulted
Burston Prime BarrelAxi H3Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Systems BlueprintAxi H3Vaulted
Hikou Prime PouchAxi K1Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BuckleAxi K1Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelAxi K1Vaulted
Odonata Prime HarnessAxi K1Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleAxi K2Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BlueprintAxi K2Vaulted
Cernos Prime StringAxi K2Vaulted
Galatine Prime HandleAxi K2Vaulted
Kronen Prime BladeAxi K2Vaulted
Cernos Prime GripAxi K3Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintAxi K3Vaulted
Tiberon Prime ReceiverAxi K3Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintAxi K3Vaulted
Pyrana Prime ReceiverAxi K3Vaulted
Kronen Prime BladeAxi K3Vaulted
Latron Prime BlueprintAxi L1Vaulted
Reaper Prime BlueprintAxi L1Vaulted
Wyrm Prime CarapaceAxi L1Vaulted
Glaive Prime BladeAxi L1Vaulted
Loki Prime Systems BlueprintAxi L1Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintAxi L2Active
Nami Skyla Prime BlueprintAxi L2Active
Orthos Prime HandleAxi L2Active
Tiberon Prime BlueprintAxi L2Active
Limbo Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi L2Active
Braton Prime BlueprintAxi N1Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeAxi N1Vaulted
Odonata Prime WingsAxi N1Vaulted
Ash Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi N2Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintAxi N2Vaulted
Carrier Prime CarapaceAxi N2Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi N2Vaulted
Nikana Prime HiltAxi N2Vaulted
Bronco Prime BarrelAxi N3Active
Dual Kamas Prime BlueprintAxi N3Vaulted
Nekros Prime BlueprintAxi N3Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbAxi N3Vaulted
Volt Prime BlueprintAxi N3Vaulted
Cernos Prime Upper LimbAxi N4Active
Fragor Prime HandleAxi N4Active
Galatine Prime BladeAxi N4Active
Hydroid Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi N4Active
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi N4Active
Nikana Prime HiltAxi N4Active
Euphona Prime BlueprintAxi N5Vaulted
Helios Prime SystemsAxi N5Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelAxi N5Vaulted
Nami Skyla Prime BladeAxi N5Vaulted
Nekros Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi N5Vaulted
Oberon Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi N5Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintAxi O1Vaulted
Galatine Prime HandleAxi O1Vaulted
Oberon Prime Systems BlueprintAxi O1Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintAxi O1Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeAxi O2Vaulted
Paris Prime StringAxi O2Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeAxi O2Vaulted
Tiberon Prime BlueprintAxi O2Vaulted
Helios Prime SystemsAxi O2Vaulted
Oberon Prime Systems BlueprintAxi O2Vaulted
Burston Prime StockAxi O3Vaulted
Destreza Prime HandleAxi O3Vaulted
Venka Prime BlueprintAxi O3Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi O3Vaulted
Oberon Prime Systems BlueprintAxi O3Vaulted
Boar Prime ReceiverAxi R1Vaulted
Boltor Prime StockAxi R1Vaulted
Dakra Prime BlueprintAxi R1Vaulted
Mag Prime Systems BlueprintAxi R1Vaulted
Rhino Prime BlueprintAxi R1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintAxi S1Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverAxi S1Vaulted
Scindo Prime BladeAxi S1Vaulted
Trinity Prime BlueprintAxi S1Vaulted
Latron Prime ReceiverAxi S2Vaulted
Loki Prime BlueprintAxi S2Vaulted
Wyrm Prime BlueprintAxi S2Vaulted
Ember Prime Systmes BlueprintAxi S2Vaulted
Sicarus Prime ReceiverAxi S2Vaulted
Boltor Prime StockAxi S3Vaulted
Hikou Prime StarsAxi S3Vaulted
Rhino Prime Systems BlueprintAxi S3Vaulted
Ankyros Prime BladeAxi S3Vaulted
Nyx Prime Systems BlueprintAxi S3Vaulted
Scindo Prme BladeAxi S3Vaulted
Burston Prime BarrelAxi T1Vaulted
Odonata Prime HarnessAxi T1Vaulted
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintAxi T1Vaulted
Tigris Prime BlueprintAxi T1Vaulted
Vectis Prime BarrelAxi T1Vaulted
Carrier Prime SystemsAxi V1Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime BlueprintAxi V1Vaulted
Odonata Prime SystemsAxi V1Vaulted
Vauban Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi V1Vaulted
Volt Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi V1Vaulted
Boar Prime BarrelAxi V2Vaulted
Braton Prime ReceiverAxi V2Vaulted
Hikou Prime PouchAxi V2Vaulted
Mag Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi V2Vaulted
Trinity Prime Systems BlueprintAxi V2Vaulted
Vectis Prime StockAxi V2Vaulted
Braton Prime ReceiverAxi V3Vaulted
Orthos Prime BlueprintAxi V3Vaulted
Trinity Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi V3Vaulted
Trinity Prime Systems BlueprintAxi V3Vaulted
Vasto Prime BarrelAxi V3Vaulted
Vectis Prime StockAxi V3Vaulted
Cernos Prime BlueprintAxi V4Vaulted
Odonata Prime HarnessAxi V4Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintAxi V4Vaulted
Trinity Prime Systems BlueprintAxi V4Vaulted
Vectis Prime StockAxi V4Vaulted
Braton Prime ReceiverAxi V5Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime BlueprintAxi V5Vaulted
Tigris Prime ReceiverAxi V5Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi V5Vaulted
Venka Prime BladesAxi V5Vaulted
Ballistica Prime Lower LimbAxi V6Active
Braton Prime BlueprintAxi V6Active
Fang Prime HandleAxi V6Active
Galatine Prime HandleAxi V6Active
Valkyr Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi V6Active
Lex Prime BarrelAxi V7Vaulted
Nami Skyla Prime BlueprintAxi V7Vaulted
Valkyr Prime BlueprintAxi V7Vaulted
Kogake Prime BlueprintAxi V7Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BlueprintAxi V7Vaulted
Veka Prime GauntletAxi V7Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi V8Baro Ki'Teer
Odonata Prime Systems BlueprintAxi V8Baro Ki'Teer
Volt Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi V8Baro Ki'Teer
Odonata Prime BlueprintAxi V8Baro Ki'Teer
Volt Prime NeuropticsAxi V8Baro Ki'Teer
Trinity Prime Systems BlueprintAzi C2Vaulted
Akstiletto Prime BlueprintLith A1Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelLith A1Vaulted
Saryn Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith A1Vaulted
Vasto Prime ReceiverLith A1Vaulted
Vectis Prime BlueprintLith A1Vaulted
Akbronco Prime LinkLith A2Active
Akstiletto Prime BlueprintLith A2Active
Cernos Prime BlueprintLith A2Active
Lex Prime BarrelLith A2Active
Valkyr Prime BlueprintLith A2Active
Ankyros Prime BlueprintLith B1Vaulted
Boar Prime StockLith B1Vaulted
Boltor Prime ReceiverLith B1Vaulted
Mag Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith B1Vaulted
Rhino Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith B1Vaulted
Ballistica Prime BlueprintLith B2Active
Braton Prime ReceiverLith B2Active
Orthos Prime BladeLith B2Active
Paris Prime Lower LimbLith B2Active
Tigris Prime StockLith B2Active
Burston Prime BlueprintLith B3Vaulted
Limbo Prime Systems BlueprintLith B3Vaulted
Cernos Prime StringLith B3Vaulted
Orthos Prime BladeLith B3Vaulted
Ballistica Prime BlueprintLith B3Vaulted
Ankyros Prime BlueprintLith B4Vaulted
Nyx Prime BlueprintLith B4Vaulted
Rhino Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith B4Vaulted
Scindo Prime BlueprintLith B4Vaulted
Boltor Prime BlueprintLith B4Vaulted
Carrier Prime CerebrumLith C1Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeLith C1Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BandLith C1Vaulted
Nova Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith C1Vaulted
Nova Prime Systems BlueprintLith C1Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverLith C2Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbLith C2Vaulted
Venka Prime BladeLith C2Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BarrelLith C2Vaulted
Nami Skyla Prime HandleLith C2Vaulted
Cernos Prime Lower LimbLith C2Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeLith F1Vaulted
Fragor Prime BlueprintLith F1Vaulted
Odonata Prime BlueprintLith F1Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintLith F1Vaulted
Scindo Prime BlueprintLith F1Vaulted
Burston Prime BarrelLith F2Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleLith F2Vaulted
Hikou Prime StarsLith F2Vaulted
Odonata Prime SystemsLith F2Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbLith F2Vaulted
Vauban Prime BlueprintLith F2Vaulted
Ember Prime Systems BlueprintLith G1Active
Frost Prime Chassis BlueprintLith G1Active
Glaive Prime BlueprintLith G1Active
Latron Prime BlueprintLith G1Active
Reaper Prime HandleLith G1Active
Bo Prime BlueprintLith G2Vaulted
Latron Prime StockLith G2Vaulted
Wyrm Prime CerebrumLith G2Vaulted
Frost Prime System BlueprintLith G2Vaulted
Loki Prime Chassis BlueprintLith G2Vaulted
Glaive Prime BlueprintLith G2Vaulted
Akstiletto Prime BarrelLith H1Active
Bronco Prime BlueprintLith H1Active
Helios Prime CerebrumLith H1Active
Nami Skyla Prime HandleLith H1Active
Paris Prime BlueprintLith H1Active
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintLith H1Active
Burston Prime StockLith K1Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintLith K1Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BuckleLith K1Vaulted
Odonata Prime HarnessLith K1Vaulted
Tigris Prime BarrelLith K1Vaulted
Trinity Prime BlueprintLith K1Vaulted
Boar Prime ReceiverLith M1Vaulted
Dakra Prime BlueprintLith M1Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverLith M1Vaulted
Mag Prime BlueprintLith M1Vaulted
Soma Prime BlueprintLith M1Vaulted
Akbronco Prime LinkLith N1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintLith N1Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeLith N1Vaulted
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintLith N1Vaulted
Nova Prime Chassis BlueprintLith N1Vaulted
Nova Prime Chassis BlueprintLith N1Vaulted
Carrier Prime SystemsLith N2Vaulted
Helios Prime BlueprintLith N2Vaulted
Hikou Prime BlueprintLith N2Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BandLith N2Vaulted
Nekros Prime Systems BlueprintLith N2Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbLith N2Vaulted
Spira Prime BlueprintLith N2Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintLith N3Vaulted
Burston Prime ReceiverLith N3Vaulted
Nekros Prime BlueprintLith N3Vaulted
Sybaris Prime StockLith N3Vaulted
Valkyr Prime BlueprintLith N3Vaulted
Ballistica Prime Lower LimbLith O1Vaulted
Burston Prime BlueprintLith O1Vaulted
Rubico Prime ReceiverLith O1Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BarrelLith O1Vaulted
Oberon Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith O1Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeLith P1Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceLith P1Vaulted
Sybaris Prime StockLith P1Vaulted
Braton Prime ReceiverLith P1Vaulted
Pyrana Prime BlueprintLith P1Vaulted
Akbronco Prime LinkLith S1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintLith S1Vaulted
Hikou Prime BlueprintLith S1Vaulted
Paris Prime GripLith S1Vaulted
Paris Prime StringLith S1Vaulted
Spira Prime PouchLith S1Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintLith S2Vaulted
Carrier Prime SystemsLith S2Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BandLith S2Vaulted
Nyx Prime BlueprintLith S2Vaulted
Soma Prime StockLith S2Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintLith S3Vaulted
Ash Prime BlueprintLith S3Vaulted
Carrier Prime SystemsLith S3Vaulted
Paris Prime StringLith S3Vaulted
Soma Prime ReceiverLith S3Vaulted
Spira Prime PouchLith S3Vaulted
Kavasa Prime Collar BlueprintLith S4Vaulted
Lex Prime BlueprintLith S4Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintLith S4Vaulted
Saryn Prime BlueprintLith S4Vaulted
Trinity Prime Chassis BlueprintLith S4Vaulted
Akbronco Prime LinkLith S5Vaulted
Burston Prime ReceiverLith S5Vaulted
Carrier Prime CarapaceLith S5Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeLith S5Vaulted
Galatine Prime HandleLith S5Vaulted
Spira Prime BladeLith S5Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime BladeLith S6Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeLith S6Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BandLith S6Vaulted
Spira Prime PouchLith S6Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith S6Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeLith S7Vaulted
Lex Prime BlueprintLith S7Vaulted
Mirage Prime Chassis BlueprintLith S7Vaulted
Akbolto Prime LinkLith S7Vaulted
Paris Prime GripLith S7Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BarrelLith S7Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintLith T1Active
Ballistica Prime Upper LimbLith T1Active
Burston Prime BlueprintLith T1Active
Tigris Prime BlueprintLith T1Active
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith T1Active
Valkyr Prime BlueprintLith T2Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelLith T2Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintLith T2Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BlueprintLith T2Vaulted
Tiberon Prime StockLith T2Vaulted
Burston Prime StockLith V1Vaulted
Fragor Prime HandleLith V1Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbLith V1Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbLith V1Vaulted
Volt Prime Systems BlueprintLith V1Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintLith V2Active
Lex Prime BarrelLith V2Active
Paris Prime Lower LimbLith V2Active
Paris Prime Upper LimbLith V2Active
Vauban Prime Systems BlueprintLith V2Active
Braton Prime BlueprintLith V3Active
Cernos Prime Upper LimbLith V3Active
Helios Prime SystemsLith V3Active
Paris Prime Lower LimbLith V3Active
Tigris Prime BarrelLith V3Active
Valkyr Prime Systems BlueprintLith V3Active
Helios Prime BlueprintLith V4Active
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintLith V4Active
Spira Prime BlueprintLith V4Active
Tigris Prime BarrelLith V4Active
Vauban Prime Chassis BlueprintLith V4Active
Venka Prime BladesLith V4Active
Valkyr Prime Systems BlueprintLith V5Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintLith V5Vaulted
Banshee Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith V5Vaulted
Lex Prime BlueprintLith V5Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BarrelLith V5Vaulted
Ballistica Prime Upper LimbLith V5Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleLith Z1Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintLith Z1Vaulted
Mirage Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith Z1Vaulted
Cernos Prime BlueprintLith Z1Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Systems BlueprintLith Z1Vaulted
Boar Prime StockMeso B1Vaulted
Dakra Prime HandleMeso B1Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime HandleMeso B1Vaulted
Mag Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso B1Vaulted
Orthos Prime BlueprintMeso B1Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleMeso B1Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintMeso B2Vaulted
Oberon Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso B2Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime HiltMeso B2Vaulted
Hydroid Prime BlueprintMeso B2Vaulted
Kronen Prime HandleMeso B2Vaulted
Banhsee Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso B2Vaulted
Ash Prime BlueprintMeso C1Vaulted
Carrier Prime CerebrumMeso C1Vaulted
Nova Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso C1Vaulted
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintMeso C1Vaulted
Scindo Prime HandleMeso C1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintMeso C2Vaulted
Carrier Prime CerebrumMeso C2Vaulted
Cernos Prime Upper LimbMeso C2Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeMeso C2Vaulted
Odonata Prime BlueprintMeso C2Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso C2Vaulted
Burston Prime StockMeso C3Active
Cernos Prime Lower LimbMeso C3Active
Helios Prime BlueprintMeso C3Active
Lex Prime BlueprintMeso C3Active
Nami Skyla Prime BlueprintMeso C3Active
Saryn Prime BlueprintMeso C3Active
Dual Kamas PrimeMeso D1Vaulted
Lex Prime BlueprintMeso D1Vaulted
Orthos Prime BladeMeso D1Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleMeso D1Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverMeso D2Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbMeso D2Vaulted
Helios Prime SystemsMeso D2Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso D2Vaulted
Destreza Prime BladeMeso D2Vaulted
Bo Prime OrnamentMeso E1Vaulted
Frost Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso E1Vaulted
Latron Prime BarrelMeso E1Vaulted
Wyrm Prime SystemsMeso E1Vaulted
Ember Prime BlueprinMeso E1Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverMeso F1Vaulted
Fragor Prime BlueprintMeso F1Vaulted
Nekros Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso F1Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbMeso F1Vaulted
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintMeso F1Vaulted
Ember Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso F2Active
Frost Prime BlueprintMeso F2Active
Latron Prime StockMeso F2Active
Reaper Prime BladeMeso F2Active
Sicarus Prime BarrelMeso F2Active
Ember Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso F3Vaulted
Loki Prime BlueprintMeso F3Vaulted
Reaper Prime HandleMeso F3Vaulted
Glaive Prime DiscMeso F3Vaulted
Frost Prime BlueprintMeso F3Vaulted
Ballistica Prime StringMeso G1Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelMeso G1Vaulted
Galatine Prime BlueprintMeso G1Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BladeMeso G1Vaulted
Venka Prime BladesMeso G1Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso H1Vaulted
Mirage Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso H1Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintMeso H1Vaulted
Fragor Prime BlueprintMeso H1Vaulted
Oberon Prime BlueprintMeso H1Vaulted
Helios Prime CerebrumMeso H1Vaulted
Cernos Prime Upper LimbMeso K1Vaulted
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso K1Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleMeso K1Vaulted
Akstiletto Prime BarrelMeso K1Vaulted
Tigris Prime ReceiverMeso K1Vaulted
Kogake Prime GauntletMeso K1Vaulted
Ankyros Prime GauntletMeso M1Vaulted
Boar Prime BarrelMeso M1Vaulted
Boltor Prime BarrelMeso M1Vaulted
Dakra Prime HandleMeso M1Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime HandleMeso M1Vaulted
Mag Prime BlueprintMeso M1Vaulted
Rhino Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso M1Vaulted
Braton Prime StockMeso N1Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintMeso N1Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleMeso N1Vaulted
Nyx Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso N1Vaulted
Ash Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso N2Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintMeso N2Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleMeso N2Vaulted
Vauban Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso N2Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelMeso N3Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintMeso N3Vaulted
Burston Prime StockMeso N3Vaulted
Carrier Prime CerebrumMeso N3Vaulted
Euphona Prime BarrelMeso N3Vaulted
Nekros Prime BlueprintMeso N3Vaulted
Nikana Prime BladeMeso N4Vaulted
Oberon Prime BlueprintMeso N4Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleMeso N4Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbMeso N4Vaulted
Braton Prime StockMeso N5Active
Hydroid Prime BlueprintMeso N5Active
Lex Prime ReceiverMeso N5Active
Nekros Prime Systems BlueprintMeso N5Active
Tigris Prime ReceiverMeso N5Active
Boltor Prime StockMeso N6Vaulted
Hikou Prime PouchMeso N6Vaulted
Rhino Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso N6Vaulted
Scindo Prime HandleMeso N6Vaulted
Nyx Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso N6Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintMeso O1Vaulted
Cernos Prime StringMeso O1Vaulted
Oberon Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso O1Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbMeso O1Vaulted
Tiberon Prime ReceiverMeso O2Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbMeso O2Vaulted
Cernos Prime Upper LimbMeso O2Vaulted
Mirage Prime Systems BlueprintMeso O2Vaulted
Akbronco Prime LinkMeso O2Vaulted
Oberon Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso O2Vaulted
Nova Prime Systems BlueprintMeso S1Vaulted
Odonata Prime BlueprintMeso S1Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintMeso S1Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbMeso S1Vaulted
Soma Prime StockMeso S1Vaulted
Tigris Prime StockMeso S1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintMeso S2Active
Burston Prime StockMeso S2Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeMeso S2Active
Nova Prime Systems BlueprintMeso S2Vaulted
Paris Prime GripMeso S2Active
Paris Prime StringMeso S2Active
Saryn Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso S2Active
Akbronco Prime BlueprintMeso S3Vaulted
Ash Prime BlueprintMeso S3Vaulted
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso S3Vaulted
Spira Prime PouchMeso S3Vaulted
Valkyr Prime BlueprintMeso S3Vaulted
Banshee Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso S4Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintMeso S4Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleMeso S4Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeMeso S4Vaulted
Saryn Prime BlueprintMeso S4Vaulted
Trinity Prime BlueprintMeso S4Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelMeso S5Vaulted
Burston Prime StockMeso S5Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelMeso S5Vaulted
Saryn Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso S5Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BarrelMeso S5Vaulted
Cernos Prime StringMeso S6Active
Galatine Prime BladeMeso S6Active
Helios Prime CarapaceMeso S6Active
Spira Prime BladeMeso S6Active
Tigris Prime ReceiverMeso S6Active
Valkyr Prime BlueprintMeso S6Active
Cernos Prime Upper LimbMeso S7Vaulted
Venka Prime BladeMeso S7Vaulted
Nami Skyla Prime HandleMeso S7Vaulted
Paris Prime GripMeso S7Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BarrelMeso S7Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintMeso T1Active
Braton Prime StockMeso T1Active
Burston Prime ReceiverMeso T1Active
Paris Prime Upper LimbMeso T1Active
Tiberon Prime BarrelMeso T1Active
Lex Prime BarrelMeso T2Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbMeso T2Vaulted
Tigris Prime ReceiverMeso T2Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintMeso T2Vaulted
Tiberon Prime StockMeso T2Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintMeso V1Vaulted
Burston Prime BlueprintMeso V1Vaulted
Carrier Prime BlueprintMeso V1Vaulted
Spira Prime BlueprintMeso V1Vaulted
Vectis Prime ReceiverMeso V1Vaulted
Ash Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso V2Vaulted
Nikana Prime BladeMeso V2Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintMeso V2Vaulted
Vasto Prime ReceiverMeso V2Vaulted
Volt Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso V2Vaulted
Carrier Prime BlueprintMeso V3Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BandMeso V3Vaulted
Spira Prime BlueprintMeso V3Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Systems BlueprintMeso V3Vaulted
Volt Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso V3Vaulted
Ash Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso V4Vaulted
Carrier Prime BlueprintMeso V4Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelMeso V4Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso V4Vaulted
Vauban Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso V4Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintMeso V5Vaulted
Cernos Prime GripMeso V5Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintMeso V5Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BlueprintMeso V5Vaulted
Spira Prime BlueprintMeso V5Vaulted
Venka Prime GauntletMeso V5Vaulted
Burston Prime ReceiverMeso Z1Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintMeso Z1Vaulted
Helios Prime BlueprintMeso Z1Vaulted
Limbo Prime BlueprintMeso Z1Vaulted
Zephyr Prime BlueprintMeso Z1Vaulted
Ash Prime Systems BlueprintNaxi N1Vaulted
Akstiletto Prime BlueprintNeo A1Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelNeo A1Vaulted
Carrier Prime SystemsNeo A1Vaulted
Cernos Prime StringNeo A1Vaulted
Vectis Prime BlueprintNeo A1Vaulted
Banshee Prime Blueprint ChasisNeo B1Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverNeo B1Vaulted
Burston Prime BarrelNeo B1Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo B1Vaulted
Trinity Prime Systems BlueprintNeo B1Vaulted
Vectis Prime StockNeo B1Vaulted
Banshee Prime Blueprint ChasisNeo B2Active
Braton Prime StockNeo B2Active
Fang Prime BlueprintNeo B2Vaulted
Tigris Prime StockNeo B2Active
Venka Prime BlueprintNeo B2Active
Boar Prime BlueprintNeo B3Vaulted
Boltor Prime BlueprintNeo B3Vaulted
Dakra Prime BladeNeo B3Vaulted
Mag Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo B3Vaulted
Rhino Prime Systems BlueprintNeo B3Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo B4Vaulted
Burston Prime StockNeo B4Vaulted
Kronen Prime HandleNeo B4Vaulted
Tigris Prime BarrelNeo B4Vaulted
Banshee Prime Systems BlueprintNeo B4Vaulted
Ballistica Prime Lower LimbNeo B5Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelNeo B5Vaulted
Destreza Prime BlueprintNeo B5Vaulted
Oberon Prime BlueprintNeo B5Vaulted
Banshee Prime Systems BlueprintNeo B5Vaulted
Boar Prime BlueprintNeo D1Vaulted
Dakra Prime BladeNeo D1Vaulted
Mag Prime Systems BlueprintNeo D1Vaulted
Trinity Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo D1Vaulted
Vasto Prime BarrelNeo D1Vaulted
Frost Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo E1Vaulted
Loki Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo E1Vaulted
Wyrm Prime BlueprintNeo E1Vaulted
Reaper Prime BladeNeo E1Vaulted
Ember Prime BlueprintNeo E1Vaulted
Ember Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo F1Vaulted
Sicarus Prime BarrelNeo F1Vaulted
Sicarus Prime BlueprintNeo F1Vaulted
Bo Prime HandleNeo F1Vaulted
Frost Prime BlueprintNeo F1Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintNeo H1Active
Burston Prime ReceiverNeo H1Active
Fragor Prime HeadNeo H1Active
Hydroid Prime Systems BlueprintNeo H1Active
Orthos Prime HandleNeo H1Active
Tigris Prime BarrelNeo H1Active
Burston Prime ReceiverNeo H1Vaulted
Fragor Prime HeadNeo H1Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleNeo H1Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintNeo H1Vaulted
Tiberon Prime BarrelNeo H1Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Systems BlueprintNeo H1Vaulted
Burston Prime StockNeo H2Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintNeo H2Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintNeo H2Vaulted
Ballistica Prime ReceiverNeo H2Vaulted
Rubico Prime BarrelNeo H2Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Systems BlueprintNeo H2Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintNeo K1Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime HiltNeo K1Vaulted
Valkyr Prime BlueprintNeo K1Vaulted
Helios Prime BlueprintNeo K1Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo K1Vaulted
Kogake Prime GauntletNeo K1Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintNeo L1Vaulted
Kronen Prime BlueprintNeo L1Vaulted
Mirage Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo L1Vaulted
Ballistica Prime ReceiverNeo L1Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BladeNeo L1Vaulted
Limbo Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo L1Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BlueprintNeo M1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintNeo M1Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo M1Vaulted
Euphona Prime BarrelNeo M1Vaulted
Helios Prime BlueprintNeo M1Vaulted
Mirage Prime BlueprintNeo M1Vaulted
Hikou Prime StarsNeo N1Vaulted
Kavasa Prime Collar BlueprintNeo N1Vaulted
Nyx Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo N1Vaulted
Soma Prime ReceiverNeo N1Vaulted
Vectis Prime BarrelNeo N1Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintNeo N2Vaulted
Lex Prime BlueprintNeo N2Vaulted
Nova Prime BlueprintNeo N2Vaulted
Vasto Prime BarrelNeo N2Vaulted
Vauban Prime Systems BlueprintNeo N2Vaulted
Ash Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo N3Vaulted
Fang Prime HandleNeo N3Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelNeo N3Vaulted
Nekros Prime Systems BlueprintNeo N3Vaulted
Odonata Prime SystemsNeo N3Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo N3Vaulted
Ash Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo N4Vaulted
Braton Prime StockNeo N4Vaulted
Nikana Prime BladeNeo N4Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo N4Vaulted
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintNeo N4Active
Venka Prime BlueprintNeo N4Vaulted
Ash Prime Systems BlueprintNeo N5Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceNeo N5Vaulted
Nikana Prime BlueprintNeo N5Vaulted
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintNeo N5Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverNeo N6Vaulted
Cernos Prime Upper LimbNeo N6Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeNeo N6Vaulted
Nikana Prime HiltNeo N6Vaulted
Sybaris Prime ReceiverNeo N6Vaulted
Trinity Prime BlueprintNeo N6Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintNeo N7Vaulted
Euphona Prime BlueprintNeo N7Vaulted
Nekros Prime Systems BlueprintNeo N7Vaulted
Trinity Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo N7Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo N7Vaulted
Venka Prime BladesNeo N7Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo N8Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo N8Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BlueprintNeo N8Vaulted
Akbolto Prime LinkNeo N8Vaulted
Nami Skyla Prime BladeNeo N8Vaulted
Odonata Prime Harness BlueprintNeo O1Baro Ki'Teer
Volt Prime BlueprintNeo O1Baro Ki'Teer
Aklex Prime BlueprintNeo O1Baro Ki'Teer
Volt Prime Systems BlueprintNeo O1Baro Ki'Teer
Odonata Prime Wings BlueprintNeo O1Baro Ki'Teer
Ankyros Prime GautletNeo R1Vaulted
Hikou Prime BlueprintNeo R1Vaulted
Boltor Prime ReceiverNeo R1Vaulted
Nyx Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo R1Vaulted
Rhino Prime BlueprintNeo R1Vaulted
Carrier Prime CarapaceNeo S1Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelNeo S1Vaulted
Saryn Prime BlueprintNeo S1Vaulted
Soma Prime BlueprintNeo S1Vaulted
Trinity Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo S1Vaulted
Nyx Prime Systems BlueprintNeo S2Vaulted
Paris Prime Lower LimbNeo S2Vaulted
Paris Prime Upper LimbNeo S2Vaulted
Saryn Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo S2Vaulted
Burston Prime ReceiverNeo S3Vaulted
Carrier Prime BlueprintNeo S3Vaulted
Soma Prime BarrelNeo S3Vaulted
Spira Prime BladeNeo S3Vaulted
Vasto Prime BlueprintNeo S3Vaulted
Ember Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo S5Active
Frost Prime Systems BlueprintNeo S5Active
Glaive Prime DiscNeo S5Active
Latron Prime ReceiverNeo S5Active
Reaper Prime BlueprintNeo S5Active
Sicarus Prime ReceiverNeo S5Active
Burston Prime BlueprintNeo S6Vaulted
Kavasa Prime BuckleNeo S6Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime GuardNeo S6Vaulted
Tigris Prime ReceiverNeo S6Vaulted
Trinity Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo S6Vaulted
Ballistica Prime ReceiverNeo S7Vaulted
Banshee Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo s7Vaulted
Fang Prime BladeNeo S7Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceNeo S7Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime GuardNeo S7Vaulted
Sybaris Prime ReceiverNeo S7Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverNeo S8Active
Fragor Prime BlueprintNeo S8Active
Hydroid Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo S8Active
Nikana Prime BlueprintNeo S8Active
Spira Prime PouchNeo S8Active
Banshee Prime BlueprintNeo T1Vaulted
Burston Prime BlueprintNeo T1Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime BlueprintNeo T1Vaulted
Fragor Prime HandleNeo T1Vaulted
Tigris Prime BlueprintNeo T1Vaulted
Bronco Prime BarrelNeo V1Vaulted
Dual Kamas Prime BlueprintNeo V1Vaulted
Nova Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo V1Vaulted
Nyx Prime BlueprintNeo V1Vaulted
Volt Prime BlueprintNeo V1Vaulted
Braton Prime StockNeo V2Active
Fang Prime HandleNeo V2Active
Galatine Prime BladeNeo V2Active
Galatine Prime HandleNeo V2Active
Vauban Prime BlueprintNeo V2Active
Carrier Prime SystemsNeo V3Vaulted
Galatine Prime BladeNeo V3Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo V3Vaulted
Tigris Prime ReceiverNeo V3Vaulted
Vauban Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo V3Vaulted
Ash Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo V4Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverNeo V4Vaulted
Cernos Prime GripNeo V4Vaulted
Saryn Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo V4Vaulted
Tigris Prime StockNeo V4Vaulted
Venka Prime GauntletNeo V4Vaulted
Burston Prime BarrelNeo V5Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceNeo V5Vaulted
Paris Prime StringNeo V5Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime HiltNeo V5Vaulted
Vauban Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo V5Vaulted
Burston Prime StockNeo V6Vaulted
Cernos Prime GripNeo V6Vaulted
Fragor Prime HandleNeo V6Vaulted
Mirage Prime Systems BlueprintNeo V6Vaulted
Vauban Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo V6Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BlueprintNeo V7Vaulted
Pyrana Prime BarrelNeo V7Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintNeo V7Vaulted
Cernos Prime BlueprintNeo V7Vaulted
Valkyr Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo V7Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleNeo Z1Vaulted
Nekros Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo Z1Vaulted
Paris Prime BlueprintNeo Z1Vaulted
Galatine Prime HandleNeo Z1Vaulted
Zephyr Prime BlueprintNeo Z1Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintMeso R1Active
Paris Prime Upper LimbMeso R1Active
Tiberon Prime ReceiverMeso R1Active
Akbronco Prime LinkMeso R1Active
Ballistica Prime StringMeso R1Active
Rubico Prime BlueprintMeso R1Active
Banshee Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith B5Vaulted
Lex Prime ReceiverLith B5Vaulted
Oberon Prime Chassis BlueprintLith B5Vaulted
Orthos Prime BladeLith B5Vaulted
Rubico Prime StockLith B5Vaulted
Ballistica Prime BlueprintLith B5Vaulted
Helios Prime CarapaceAxi C3Vaulted
Hydroid Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi C3Vaulted
Banshee Prime BlueprintAxi C3Vaulted
Pyrana Prime ReceiverAxi C3Vaulted
Chroma Prime Systems BlueprintAxi C3Vaulted
Banshee Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo K2Vaulted
Braton Prime BarrelNeo K2Vaulted
Chroma Prime BlueprintNeo K2Vaulted
Akbolto Prime LinkNeo K2Vaulted
Mirage Prime Systems BlueprintNeo K2Vaulted
Kogake Prime GauntletNeo K2Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelMeso T3Active
Paris Prime Lower LimbMeso T3Active
Chroma Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso T3Active
Limbo Prime BlueprintMeso T3Active
Tiberon Prime StockMeso T3Active
Lex Prime BlueprintLith C3Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime HiltLith C3Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BlueprintLith C3Vaulted
Braton Prime BlueprintLith C3Vaulted
Helios Prime BlueprintLith C3Vaulted
Chroma Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith C3Vaulted
Bronco Prime ReceiverMeso S8Vaulted
Gram Prime BladeMeso S8Vaulted
Ballistica Prime Upper LimbMeso S8Vaulted
Burston Prime BarrelMeso S8Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BarrelMeso S8Vaulted
Destreza Prime HandleAxi O4Vaulted
Lex Prime BlueprintAxi O4Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi O4Vaulted
Gram Prime BlueprintAxi O4Vaulted
Tiberon Prime BlueprintAxi O4Vaulted
Oberon Prime Systems BlueprintAxi O4Vaulted
Kogake Prime BootNeo G1Active
Mirage Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo G1Active
Hydroid Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo G1Active
Paris Prime GripNeo G1Active
Gram Prime HandleNeo G1Active
Paris Prime BlueprintAxi A4Vaulted
Sybaris Prime StockAxi A4Vaulted
Destreza Prime BlueprintAxi A4Vaulted
Kogake Prime BlueprintAxi A4Vaulted
Kronen Prime BladeAxi A4Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith H2Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelLith H2Vaulted
Orthos Prime BlueprintLith H2Vaulted
Oberon Prime BlueprintLith H2Vaulted
Helios Prime CerebrumLith H2Vaulted
Akbronco Prime BlueprintLith Z2Vaulted
Nami Skyla Prime BlueprintLith Z2Vaulted
Helios Prime SystemsLith Z2Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BlueprintLith Z2Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Systems BlueprintLith Z2Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BlueprintMeso D3Active
Braton Prime StockMeso D3Active
Fang Prime HandleMeso D3Active
Kronen Prime BladeMeso D3Active
Nami Skyla Prime HandleMeso D3Active
Destreza Prime BladeMeso D3Active
Kronen Prime BlueprintNeo A2Active
Limbo Prime Systems BlueprintNeo A2Active
Pyrana Prime BarrelNeo A2Active
Zephyr Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo A2Active
Akbolto Prime ReceiverNeo A2Active
Soma Prime BarrelLith M2Vaulted
Dakra Prime HiltLith M2Vaulted
Nova Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith M2Vaulted
Boar Prime BarrelLith M2Vaulted
Mag Prime BlueprintLith M2Vaulted
Vasto Prime BarrelAxi A5Baro Ki'Teer
Vasto Prime ReceiverAxi A5Baro Ki'Teer
Akvasto Prime LinkAxi A5Baro Ki'Teer
Vasto Prime BlueprintAxi A5Baro Ki'Teer
Akvasto Prime BlueprintAxi A5Baro Ki'Teer
Mag Prime Systems BlueprintAxi S4Vaulted
Boar Prime RecevierAxi S4Vaulted
Dakra Prime BladeAxi S4Vaulted
Nova Prime BlueprintAxi S4Vaulted
Soma Prime StockAxi S4Vaulted
Dakra Prime HiltNeo N9Vaulted
Boar Prime BlueprintNeo N9Vaulted
Mag Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo N9Vaulted
Soma Prime ReceiverNeo N9Vaulted
Nova Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo N9Vaulted
Nova Prime Systems BlueprintMeso B3Vaulted
Soma Prime BlueprintMeso B3Vaulted
Mag Prime Chassis BlueprintMeso B3Vaulted
Dakra Prime BlueprintMeso B3Vaulted
Boar Prime StockMeso B3Vaulted
Akbolto Prime BlueprintNeo Z2Active
Braton Prime StockNeo Z2Active
Lex Prime BlueprintNeo Z2Active
Mesa Prime BlueprintNeo Z2Active
Pyrana Prime ReceiverNeo Z2Active
Zephyr Prime BlueprintNeo Z2Active
Paris Prime BlueprintLith M3Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime HiltLith M3Vaulted
Oberon Prime BlueprintLith M3Vaulted
Rubico Prime StockLith M3Vaulted
Mesa Prime Neuroptics BluepritLith M3Vaulted
Mesa Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi H4Active
Mirage Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi H4Active
Paris Prime Upper LimbAxi H4Active
Akbolto Prime LinkAxi H4Active
Hydroid Prime Systems BlueprintAxi H4Active
Akbronco Prime BlueprintNeo M2Active
Burston Prime StockNeo M2Active
Bronco Prime BarrelNeo M2Active
Limbo Prime BlueprintNeo M2Active
Mesa Prime Systems BlueprintNeo M2Active
Destreza Prime HandleAxi R2Active
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi R2Active
Chroma Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi R2Active
Mirage Prime Systems BlueprintAxi R2Active
Redeemer Prime HandleAxi R2Active
Fang Prime HandleAxi L3Active
Kronen Prime BlueprintAxi L3Active
Nami Skyla Prime BlueprintAxi L3Active
Akjagara Prime ReceiverAxi L3Active
Zephyr Prime ReceiverAxi L3Active
Limbo Prime Chassis BlueprintAxi L3Active
Fang Prime BladeMeso M2Vaulted
Kogake Prime BootMeso M2Vaulted
Paris Prime StringMeso M2Vaulted
Akjagara Prime LinkMeso M2Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime BladeMeso M2Vaulted
Mirage Prime BlueprintMeso M2Vaulted
Akjagara Prime BlueprintNeo S9Vaulted
Bronco Prime BlueprintNeo S9Vaulted
Mirage Prime BlueprintNeo S9Vaulted
Destreza Prime BlueprintNeo S9Vaulted
Silva & Aegis Prime GuardNeo S9Vaulted
Ballistica Prime Lower LimbMeso A1Vaulted
Orthos Prime HandleMeso A1Vaulted
Sybaris Prime StockMeso A1Vaulted
Kronen Prime HandleMeso A1Vaulted
Akjagara Prime BarrelMeso A1Vaulted
Fang Prime BlueprintLith B6Active
Lex Prime BarrelLith B6Active
Ballistica Prime BlueprintLith B6Active
Limbo Prime Systems BlueprintLith B6Active
Orthos Prime BlueprintLith B6Active
Redeemer Prime BlueprintLith B6Active
Braton Prime BlueprintMso Z2Vaulted
Redeemer Prime BladeMso Z2Vaulted
Sybaris Prime BlueprintMso Z2Vaulted
Hydroid Prime BlueprintMso Z2Vaulted
Rubico Prime BarrelMso Z2Vaulted
Zephyr Prime Systems BlueprintMso Z2Vaulted
Lex Prime BarrelMeso S9Active
Spira Prime BlueprintMeso S9Active
Braton Prime BlueprintMeso S9Active
Saryn Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso S9Active
Spira Prime PouchMeso S9Active
Lex Prime ReceiverAxi N6Active
Nikana Prime BlueprintAxi N6Active
Braton Prime BarrelAxi N6Active
Braton Prime ReceiverAxi N6Active
Saryn Prime BlueprintAxi N6Active
Nikana Prime HiltAxi N6Active
Lex Prime BlueprintNeo S10Active
Saryn Prime Systems BlueprintNeo S10Active
Braton Prime StockNeo S10Active
Spira Prime BladeNeo S10Active
Nikana Prime HiltNeo S10Active
Saryn Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo S10Active
Ballistica Prime Lower LimbAxi K5Active
Braton Prime BlueprintAxi K5Active
Equinox PRime BlueprintAxi K5Active
Hydroid Prime BlueprintAxi K5Active
Kronen Prime BladeAxi K5Active
Akjagara Prime BlueprintLith M4Active
Equinox Prime Chassis BlueprintLith M4Active
Paris Prime BlueprintLith M4Active
Destreza PRime BlueprintLith M4Active
Stradavar Prime BarrelLith M4Active
Mesa Prime Neuroptics BlueprintLith M4Active
Bronco Prime BlueprintMeso E2Active
Destreza Prime HandleMeso E2Active
Pyrana Prime BarrelMeso E2Active
Akbolto Prime LinkMeso E2Active
Rubico Prime StockMeso E2Active
Equinox Prime Systems BlueprintMeso E2Active
Ballistica Prime Lower LimbMeso M3Active
Gram Prime BladeMeso M3Active
Paris Prime StringMeso M3Active
Equinox Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso M3Active
Kogake Prime BlueprintMeso M3Active
Mirage Prime BlueprintMeso M3Active
Kogake Prime BootAxi T2Active
Mirage Prime Neuroptics BlueprintAxi T2Active
Sradavar Prime StockAxi T2Active
Burston Prime BarrelAxi T2Active
Tipedo Prime HandleAxi T2Active
Burston Prime BlueprintLith P2Active
Tipedo Prime BlueprintLith P2Active
Ballistica Prime ReceiverLith P2Active
Gram Prime BlueprintLith P2Active
Pyrana Prime BlueprintLith P2Active
Redeemer Prime BladeNeo N10Active
Zephyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNeo N10Active
Ballistica Prime Upper LimbNeo N10Active
Tipedo Prime OrnamentNeo N10Active
Nami Skyla Prime BladeNeo N10Active
Chroma Prime BlueprintMeso Z3Active
Stradavar Prime ReceiverMeso Z3Active
Akjagara Prime LinkMeso Z3Active
Rubico Prime BarrelMeso Z3Active
Zephyr Prime Systems BluepritMeso Z3Active
Bronco Prime ReceiverNeo S11Active
Fang Prime BladeNeo S11Active
Hydroid Prime Chassis BlueprintNeo S11Active
Kronen Prime HandleNeo S11Active
Stradvar Prime BlueprintNeo S11Active

You can get the February Unvault 2018 Relics through Cetus Bounties and Fortuna, and as a possible reward on the Relics Pack which can be bought from the Syndicates.

If you need more information about how to get these and other Relics I recommend you to see the General Map of Relic Farming by Cpt. Drake.

That’s all we can tell. We hope this information we shared with you was useful. As usual, if you see any mistake or missing information, let us know through the comments below.

Give them hell, Tenno.

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