Tiberon Prime

Its aggressive and ornate appearance represent perfectly the capabilities of this weapon. Lethal, long range and with a devastating accuracy. Its extended triple cannon allows an impressive effective long range for three simultaneous shots. Its almost nonexistent recoil maintain the accuracy even when several shots are made.

This weapon was a symbol of the Orokin execution commandos. It is an evolution of the Latron Prime and fits perfectly to the effectiveness, almost mechanical, this troops showed in combat.

Mastery Rank14
Fire Rate7.38
Critical Chance28%
Critical Multiplierx3
Fire Rate6
Critical Chance30%
Critical Multiplierx3.4
Fire Rate8.33
Critical Chance16%
Critical Multiplierx2.8
Tiberon Prime EN

Comparing it with its regular version, the Tiberon, the Tiberon Prime improves all the stats, standing out its superior critical multiplier and status chance, and adding two alternative shooting modes (SEMI/BURST/AUTO).

How to get the Tiberon Prime

There are three ways to obtain the Tiberon Prime, being the first the most exclusive one, because is to buy the Zephyr Prime Access, which also includes Zephyr Prime and the Kronen Prime, among other exclusive accessories included in this pack.

The second way is one of the simplest, if you want to save some time, of course. It is to buy (usually for Platinum) the Tiberon Prime parts you need from other Tenno. Remember that this way you will have to be willing to pay what they ask you for, because you will be paying for the work of other Tenno.

And last but not least, you can try the most traditional and hard way (but also the most enjoyable one, isn’t it?). I am talking about farming the Relics which have the parts of the Tiberon, refining them to increase the drop chances and have a try in the Void fissure missions.

Tiberon Prime PartRelicDrop Chance
Tiberon Prime BlueprintAxi O2Uncommon
Tiberon Prime BarrelMeso T1Rare
Tiberon Prime StockMeso T2Rare
Tiberon Prime ReceiverMeso O2Common

Remember to visit the General Map of Relic Farming in which Cpt. Drake constantly works if you want to know all the information about where you can farm these and other Relics, Tenno.

And that’s all we can tell about the Tiberon Prime. We hope this information was both helpful and useful. If you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Give them hell, Tenno.

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