Prime Access: Mirage Prime

Welcome Tenno!

It is time, Mirage Prime is here! And does not come alone. Along with her appear the lethal Akbolto Prime and the overwhelming Kogake Prime.

On December 12 this new equipment will be accessed for the first time, being able to get them through the new Relics or buying the Prime Access.

The Prime Access will include unique equipment, among which we can highlight the Syndana Prime Abbera or the Prime Armor Atavist.

Mirage Prime

Mirage Prime, based on cunning and subterfuge, this warframe is able to deceive, disorient and obliterate whole enemy squadrons with only a snap of her fingers. You have an avatar of chaos before you, use her with caution, Tenno,

Akbolto Prime

Akbolto Prime, two twin pistols that throw heavy nails able to impale your enemies and even go through the thickest armor. A lethal weapon in the right hands and an Orokin artwork without equal.

Kogake Prime

Kogake Prime, this melee weapon covers both the fists and the legs, empowering each blow with a devastating strength which shreds bones and armor alike.

Remember Tenno, from December 12 you will have the chance to get Mirage Prime, Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime.

Good luck!

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