Saya’s Vigil

Welcome to Saya’s Vigil, a Quest in Warframe Universe. As you know, this is a Spoiler Free Guide. This means that, although we show you how to complete the Quest, we do not reveal any details about the story.

Saya’s Vigil is a Quest you can find on Cetus. To activate it you have to talk with Konzu, located near the Plains of Eidolon gate.

The minimal requirements to be able to start this Quest are:

  1. You must have completed the Quest: Vor’s Prize.
  2. You must have a Mastery Rank 1 or beyond.
  3. You must have completed, at least one contract in the Plains.

First Part: a personal Favor

To begin this Quest you have to go to Cetus and talk to Konzu. Among the dialogue options you have to select “A Personal Favor”. At this point he will show you a picture with three characters on it.

Konzu Onkko Saya

Now you have to talk to Saya, who is located near the Old man Suumbat, next to the tree with a circular planter. Her location will appear on the mini-map with a white marker.

When you talk with Saya three possible dialogue options will appear with the next results:

  1. Details of the story.
  2. [Refuse the Quest].
  3. [Accept the Quest].

Once you accept the Quest, the second part will begin.

Second Part: Find Onkko

Be careful here Tenno, because it’s supposed that by selecting this option you have to be transported directly to the Plains of Eidolon.

If it didn’t happen, you have to go out of Cetus, back to your ship and, once there, enter on the Navigation menu and select the Quest icon (a white cross on the left) and select “Quest: Saya’s Vigil”.

Once in the Plains, Lotus will signal us, opening a series of dialogues. After these dialogues a yellow marker will appear, locating the Grineer camp you have to find. Once you are close to the camp, Saya will contact you.

Now you have to get your hands dirty with some Grineer blood, Tenno. You have to eliminate the six Grineer soldiers of the Camp, after that, the objective will change and you have to face some Grineer reinforcements. When you defeat all Grineer reinforcements Lotus will contact you again.

Follow the Lotus instructions and enter in the cave. To do that smash the drill and you have the access cleared. Inside the cave you find an “Ostron coffer” you’ll have to pick up.

Camp Grineer
Cofre Ostronita
Ostron Box

After that, you’ll see the extraction point in the Plains, go there Tenno. Once on your Orbiter Lotus will signal you and you will receive a message with “25x Codex Scanner” attachment. To equip them you have to enter your Arsenal, Tools, select a space and add the Codex Scanners. To use them during the mission you’ll have to access the “Gear wheel” using the tool key (Q).

In case we need more of these, you can purchase it on the console market or your ship.

Third Part: Locate the Shatter-Lock pieces

Access from your Navigation console to the Quest through the X icon to enter directly in the third part of this Quest.

You’ll arrive to the Plains gate, where a marker appears indicating where you have to go.

Go to the marked area, one there you have to use your Scanner to find and Scan the glass pieces to pick up them. At this point, the players who have Helios or Helios Prime can take advantage of its automatic scan ability, so they won’t have to strain much to find the hidden shards.

Even so, we are going to show you the approximate location of these shards to make this easier through the next pictures:

Glass shard A: Just when you arrive, you’ll find it in the structure you have on the left.

Glass fragment A

Glass shard B: Near the yellow container, on the yellow structure.

Glass Fragment B

Glass shard C: Inside the huge yellow container you can see using the console located around it.

Glass Fragment C

Once you have find and scanned all shattered shards, you will have to fight against a Grineer squadron to be able to continue.

When you eliminate all Grineer soldiers go to the extraction point marked on your mini-map and go back to your Orbiter. Once there, safe from distractions, you’ll see again the Picture and Onkkos Coffer. Then a cutscene starts.

When the cinematic ends, Lotus will contact you.

Fourth Part: Board Hek’s Galleon

As in previous parts, you have to enter in the Navigation Menu and select the active Quest icon to access to the next part of the Adventure.

You start directly in enemy territory, after a few seconds a marker will appear in your minimap showing your destination.

When you arrive to the marked room you will have to fight a powerful enemy.


Nox EN

Once the fight ends you have to enter in another room, which is exactly like the ones you can find on certain Grinner Spy missions. Inside this room is where the last Shard is. Again, if you have Helios or Helios Prime equipped, its Scan ability will do the job for you.

For the ones who don’t have this Sentinel help, you’ll have to hack the first terminal to open the gates, and once inside the room, you can use a shortcut to enter the vault. This shortcut is located just in the upside part of the central structure, when you go up, you’ll see one broken window to enter.

When you recover the Shard, Lotus will contact you indicating an extraction point.

Glass Fragment D
Glass Fragment D Shortcut

When you arrive to your Orbiter, you’ll see a cutscene. After that, Saya will signal you.

Fifth Part: Locate the final Fragment

Again, from the Navigation menu, you have to select the Quest to continue with the next part. When you land on the Plains, Saya will contact you.

A marker will appear in your map. As soon as you move you’ll hear an alarm. When you get closer to the point, you’ll see a blue mist coming out from the lake, a powerful enemy will appear here. You are no match for this enemy, so you have to avoid it. Your goal is to take advantage from the chaos on the battlefield to enter in a cave located behind this enemy.


Inside the cave you have to move a rock, below it you can find the last shard. To recover it you have to use your scan. After you scan the shard, Saya will signal you indicating an extraction point.

Glass Fragment E

When you get to the extraction Point, Ordis will get you out. When you get back to your ship you’ll see the final cutscene.

Flor de Konzu

And that’s, Tenno, is how the Quest “Saya’s Vigil” ends. You will obtain the Gara warframe Blueprint. Lotus will contact you explaining how she get the Gara Blueprint.

If you already cleared the Quest “The War Within” you have access to the lock gate on Cetus, and you’ll discover the other faction coexisting in Cetus, The Quills. This faction is the one who give you access to the new fight system with your Operator and many other Warframe secrets.

I hope this was helpful, Tenno. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information, let us know through the comments below.

See you in the next Quest, Tenno!

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  1. Toddp
    Toddp says:

    After the glass shards are found there are no more enemies around there and no way-point pops up to help you. Basically you are screwed and have to abort the mission until they fix it. As of 9/1/2019 the mission is bugged and can not be completed.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      This guide was very helpful in finding the last shard I had been stuck on this quest for a while now but this helped me get trough it very useful

      • Anonymous
        Anonymous says:

        This guide was very helpful in finding the last shard I had been stuck on this quest for a while now but this helped me get trough it very useful thank you who made this.


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