Beware Tenno! Relics no longer can be obtained in this missions as a rewards

Do you like running after VIPs until they fall down on Capture Missions? I enjoy the work after that, intimidate, extort, and force them until you break their will… Good times indeed. Sometimes you are lucky, and they give you some good Relics.

Here you have all I know about Capture missions, all in one glance, as always.

  • Health Restore – 9,48%
  • Omni Ammo Box – 0,3%
  • Ammo Drum – 11%
  • Fast Deflection – 9,48%
  • Fast Hands – 9,48%
  • Magazine Warp – 9,48%
  • Molten Impact – 0,3%
  • North Wind – 0,3%
  • Pressure Point – 0,3%
  • Quickdraw – 9,48%
  • Rush – 11%
  • Shocking Touch – 0,3%
  • Strech – 0,3%
  • Trick Mag – 9,48%
  • Vitality – 9,48%
  • Missions
  • Abaddon, Europa
  • Ananke, Jupiter
  • Ara, Mars
  • Ariel, Uranus
  • Cassini, Saturn
  • Copernicus, Lua
  • Captura, Orokin Derelict
  • Elion, Mercury
  • Galatea, Neptune
  • Hepit, Void
  • Hydra, Pluto
  • Isos, Eris
  • Lex, Ceres
  • Nabuk, Kuva Fortress
  • Rusalka, Sedna
  • Skyresh, Phobos
  • Ukko, Void
  • Venera, Venus

Sometimes, If you don’t pay attention on the pursuit, the objective can notice your presence and start the escape. If you don’t aware of that, you may lose the opportunity, and the rewards too, no mention the time and effort…

Stay alert, focus on the VIP, and after the capture, do what you want, take a walk, explore, do some tourism or whatever your imagination can offer to you on those moments (like shooting everything that moves).

There is said also, that Hepit is a good place to farm Argon Crystals, don’t remember well who told me that long ago. I use “Thief’s Wit” and “Animal Instinct” on my Sentinel so I miss no caches and containers, also like to see how corpses are Desecrated, infinite enemies are great. I have found many “Ayatan Sculptures” there too. But I’m not so much interested on those things anyway.

CPT. Drake (Nekros)

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  1. Ves
    Ves says:

    I just spent an hour grinding relics from the void capture missions. It’s a thing again. Mag and Nova Prime are dropping from there until the Jan 29th.


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