Those infested are always a pain in the ass, no matter how many you annihilate, they keep coming from all directions. This is new for all of us, but seems to be a great place to get some good Relics. Let’s give a chance to this place, and put some order in this infested mess. On Infested Salvage mission you have to grant Lotus access to three consoles by vaporizing antiserum in the consoles areas. You need the Antiserum Injectors to do so, and enemies will drop them. Every time Lotus decrypts these consoles and find a part of the ship’s shipping manifest, a rotation is completed and the squad will receive the rewards the same way of Defense or Interception missions, being able to exit the mission each wave.

  • Magazine Warp – 8.33%
  • Trick Mag – 8.33%
  • Vitality –8.33%
  • Neo G1 10.00%
  • Neo A2 10.00%
  • Neo Z2 10.00%
  • Neo M2 10.00%
  • Neo S11 10.00%
  • Neo N10 10.00%
  • Neo C1 10.00%
  • Endo 50 – 6,2%
  • Deep Freeze – 6,2%
  • Hell’s Chamber – 6,2%
  • Hornet Strike – 6,2%
  • North Wind – 6,2%
  • Reflex Coil – 6,2%
  • Shocking Touch – 6,2%
  • Streamline – 6,2%
  • Axi L2 6.67%
  • Axi A4 6.67%
  • Axi R2 6.67%
  • Axi H4 6.67%
  • Axi L3 6.67%
  • Axi T2 6.67%
  • Axi K5 6.67%
  • Nidus Chassis Blueprint – 14,3%
  • Nidus Neuroptics Blueprint – 14,3%
  • Nidus Systems Blueprint – 14,3%
  • Endo 80 – 14,3%
  • Metal Auger – 14,3%
  • Stretch – 14,3%
  • Vital Sense – 14,3%
  • Missions
  • Oestrus, Eris

updated: 11/04/2019

As you’ve seen, you need only three rotations (AAB) to get the possible Relic rewards. The advantage of this mission is that it is the fastest one I’ve seen in my hard life. You can do the three rotations in ten minutes approximately, and you don’t need much help to do so. A squad of two Tenno, knowing what to do, will increase efficiency to the max (as I have experienced so far).

Sorry mates, Ember is not the best choice for this mission, and you may ask, why? Well, it’s because she can obliterate all of those infested with nearly no effort at all, true, but she does it in long range, and you want enemies to drop their loot on your feet, including, of course, the Antiserum Injectors. If you stay in the vaporizer area, you’ll be protected as long as the console is.

The same way that happens with warframes abilities, the chosen weapon can make your job easy. Melee weapons with long range as whips or great swords will do a great job, because this makes the killing something personal, face to face, get it? We ain’t here to waste our time nor effort.

Did I said “one glance, as promised”? Can’t remember well… Let me know if you find any other way to do this easier, we are always looking for free time!

See you soon folks!

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