Akbolto Prime

An ancient weapon form a distant era is at your reach, Tenno, the Akbolto Prime. This Prime version of the Akbolto shoots high density projectiles with reduced speed able to impale your enemies in the walls, and pierce the thickest armor.

Required Mastery Rank13
Fire Rate7
Critical Chance36%
Critical Multiplierx2.8
Akbolto Prime EN

As you can see, the Akbolto Prime improves the Critical Chance and Critical Damage multiplier. A build based on these two stats, will make your enemies fear your wrath.

How to get the Akbolto Prime

As you will all be asking the same, now we are going to talk about the ways you have to get this Orokin artwork.

The first one will be buying the Mirage Prime Access. Depending on the option you buy, the Mirage Prime Access will have a series of unique objects, which only be acquired through the Mirage Prime Access, including the Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime.

The second one will be, as always, trading with other players who have the parts you need. This can be a cheap option, if you compare it with the first option, but I can assure you it won’t be everyone’s taste.

And finally, the most traditional of all ways with which you can get the Akbolto Prime, farming its Relics, opening it, and praying to get what you need. This is the hardest way, the one that takes the longest, but do not despair and keep farming, sooner or later every effort has its reward.

Akbolto Prime PartRelicDrop Chance
Akbolto Prime BlueprintNeo M1Common
Akbolto Prime LinkLith S7Uncommon
Akbolto Prime BarrelLith C2Uncommon
Akbolto Prime ReceiverAxi A3Rare

If you need more information about where to get these or another Relics, I recommend you to go to the General Map of Relic Farming by Cpt. Drake.

We hope this information is useful for you. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Shoot them down, Tenno.

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