Akstiletto Prime

Akstiletto Prime is an accurate weapon, with a huge magazine, an impressive reload speed and able to cause devastating damage among the enemy lines.

An artwork designed for war, It stood out even during the ancient Orokin Empire, being Vauban Prime’s favorite secondary weapon. Being the favorite weapon of one of the best war tacticians of the ancient Empire, you can not expect anything less than reliability and effectiveness when it comes to eliminate any enemy who dares to stand in your way.

Required Mastery Rank10
Fire Rate7.08
Critical Chance15%
Critical Multiplierx2
Akstiletto Prime EN

Compared with its regular version, Akstiletto, the Prime version improves in absolutely all aspects but Critical Chance and Fire Rate. Is simply and exquisite weapon for the most demanding Tenno.

Cómo conseguir la Akstiletto Prime

You can obtain the Akstiletto Prime from three different ways. The first one will be buying the Vauban Prime Access, which also includes Vauban Prime and Fragor Prime.

The second way will demand your best trading skills, because you need to buy the parts of Akstiletto Prime from other Tenno. This can be very useful if you need only a few parts or if you prefer to save some farming time. But remember, in exchange you will have to pay and interesting Platinum amount.

And last but not least you can get the Relics which contain the different parts of Akstiletto Prime, opening them later to be able to obtain the Prime parts you need.

Parte de Akstiletto PrimeReliquiaProbabilidad de Obtención
Plano de Akstiletto PrimeLith A2Raro
Enlace de Akstiletto PrimeMeso O1Poco Común
Cañón de Akstiletto PrimeMeso K1Poco Común
Receptor de Akbolto PrimeAxi O1Poco Común

If you need more information about how to farm the Relics you need I recommend you to visit the Relic Farming General Map, which is constantly updated by Cpt. Drake.

We hope this information was useful for you and help you to make the most of these Orokin artworks. As always, if you see any mistake or missing information let us know through the comments below.

Shoot them all, Tenno.

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