True Tenno Corps

Our Clan, our safe haven, our family

Welcome honorable warriors of blade and gun, I am pleased to introduce you our humble clan.

We live in a difficult era of total war where everything can change in a blink. Our friends may die at any time, and even you can lose your life if you are alone… But we are here to stay, we will fight shoulder to shoulder, together!

Here we share our experience, our knowledge and guidance. You will find our doors open for all of you, no exceptions. In our clan, you will find specialists in all fields that will share their expertise with all of you, Tenno. You will learn about strategies in combat, will guide you in your paths, will show you the best places to get the resources, and much more.

Future is in our hands, good luck and remember that we will be here. Help us Tenno, your efforts will not be forgotten.


Ulthan (Excalibur)

The Leader

  • Wise Leader

Is hard to describe him, he seems to transmit an aura of nobility below which I can sense an immense power. I suppose this is why he is our leader, even though it has to be something else, something that avoids my perception, something which gives him this special charisma. I guess this is the main reason why so many people joins him without hesitation. I can not say much more, our leader is very close-mouthed and I only know a few things about him. He prefers to listening to talking, and he is always ready to help other Tenno. But there is one thing that has drawn my attention is the inscription carved in an old scabbard he keeps in his room. Unfortunately this inscription seems to be in an ancient language, forgotten many years ago; it can be read as “ex calce liberatus” I think. I don’t know what it means, but I keep looking into it.

Gregor The great wall (Rhino)

The perfect soldier

  • Complete soldier

It is said that a stone can not change the course of a river; it is obvious that, who says this, don’t know our “little” friend. The boys and me start calling him “the great wall” after an infiltration mission in a Grineer facility on Mars. His job was to guard the entrance, call us if the enemies arrive, and retreat to the extraction zone. One of the rookies made a mistake and the sound of the alarm rumbled throughout the facility. We speed up the pace, accomplishing all the objectives, and waited for the Grineer reinforcements to show up, however, they never did. We came back to the entrance worried about our peculiar lookout, and there he was, with only a few scratches on his armour and surrounded by dozens of Grineer soldiers. He crushed all Grineer reinforcements alone, and when we asked him why he didn’t retreat, he smiled and answered that one of the first shoots damaged his communicator and he couldn’t warn us. So he stayed to prevent any enemy from crossing the door and take us by surprise.

Lone Wolf Raider (Frost)

Solo missions specialist

  • Solo

A lone Tenno, someone who see his comrades as a burden or a weakness. However, I can see through his facade, in his way, I’d say he is the one who cares more for the others. He always acts alone because he doesn’t want to put others at risk, searching the most important threats and taking them out before they can hurt anyone. I think he lost someone important and wants to keep it from happening again. After many years carrying this burden he has become an unparalleled warrior, like an unstoppable force of nature that is best avoided.

Cpt. Drake (Nekros)


  • Expert looter

Ah the old captain, still clings to his old position, the one who has when he commanded that gang of objectionable amateurs. Some think that he has been rehabilitated, and now he is a new Tenno. Nothing further from the truth if you ask me. The brave “captain” saw a unique opportunity to obtain wealth and power if he joined our clan and he took it without hesitation. On this matter no one can blame him, “reduce the personal risk and exponentially increase the profits”, I’d say that this is the only reason why he joined us.

Apart from my personal opinion about his past as a space pirate, I have to admit that he does quite well his job. Since he joined profits have only increased and our resource warehouses are almost at full capacity. And all of this taking into account that I’m sure he has a personal stash where he diverts part of the profits.

Rookie (Volt)

The Rookie

  • Fast and reckless

The latest addition to our clan, the “always smiling rookie”. He’s the centre of attention in the common rooms, always making his comrades laugh and earning their affection. Unfortunately I don’t think he will be here for long, acts before thinking, always being the first in battle and, although his instincts have saved him in several times, the day it won’t be enough will come, and that will be the end of his story. He has an incredible power he doesn’t know how to control, in time he may control it. I only hope he gain enough experience and learn that, in his life, recklessness is the main cause of demise between the rookies.

Former rookie (Mag)


  • Diligent student

The perfect student, she has a total control over his powers thanks to a hundred practise hours. She follows and enforces the rules strictly, and she’s become an incredible asset in our latest missions. Her problem you say? Well, some say that she is too strict, but I can see the insecurities that haunt her mind behind her “perfect student” facade. She never will be a squad leader or act alone until she get rid of her insecurities, she thinks too much, takes too long to make a decision or act without deviating a millimetre from the standard protocol. Be predictable or act to late can make the difference between success and failure; between life or death.

John Maynard (Oberon)


  • Inteligent and calculating

He is an unfathomable source of credits and platinum; he controls the prices and the market trends as if they where his children. I don’t know how he does it, but he always get the best trading prices. Some despise him because he is not a fighter, they are but foolish fools who don’t understand that he is one of the pillars of our clan. You need a new weapon? We need to speed up an investigation? Credits or platinum to obtain the latest items before anyone? He is the one who make it possible, from the shadows. In fact, he is so good that everyone take this constant flow of cash for granted, they didn’t even know where this credits and platinum came from. Believe me when I say that if something happens to our treasurer it will be a terrible blow to the entire clan.

Carmen (Ember)

Relentless Exterminator

  • Plague Control

Have you ever heard the expression “some people just want to watch the world burn”? Well, she was one of them. She burned everything in her path with no exception, some members of the Red Veil even worshipped her like a goddess. But she is not that person any more. Since she joined us she channels his fire towards our enemies, and I can assure you that there is no one better to watch your back against the Infested.
I’ve seen her surrounded by dozens of Infested beings and, seconds later, every one of them had disappeared in the middle of a sea of flames. Is in this moments, when I look at her eyes, that I see a reflection of what she was, waiting to take control again.

Dredd (Atlas)

Judge, Jury, Executioner.

  • The justice

Law is his creed; guide his actions and stablish his red lines. I heard he was some sort of “vigilante” in a wild area before he joined our clan.

He obliterated several Grineer groups who extorted war refugees, and every time he attacked a Grineer Checkpoint or an advanced base he did not leave survivors.

If Gregor is our shield we can consider Atlas our finest sword. Some think he fight for justice, but I can see what he tries to hide, his main motivation is not fight for justice, but punish the evil.

????????? (???????)


  • Unknown

Who am I? That’s what you ask? Well, I am the chronicler of our clan, who tells and shapes the history so it won’t be forgotten. In a way, I am the hero of this story, well, may be I am exaggerating a little. The truth is that I can see through the people, and learn their true nature no matter how good they are hiding it. Some of my comrades think that my abilities are a merely entertainment, but I know our leader listen to me and takes my particular vision about people into account.

Independent Mercenaries

Gurkha (Hydroid)


  • Better to be paid

A relentless mercenary, he acts always without showing compassion or fear. He is loyal only to his reward and never joined a clan. However, once he accepts a mission, no one can stop him until it is completed. It seems that he has unfinished business with Cpt. Drake, but still accepts our assignments if the reward deserve his attention. If it weren’t because he seems to hate Cpt. Drakes guts, I would say that they are old friends.

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