Ducats, that coin Baro Ki’Teer appreciates so much.

Ducat is the currency that we need to buy Baro’s genuine goods, and we can get that currency selling prime parts at the special terminals we will find in the Relays main hall where Baro will be every time he comes. There are actually five different prices on ducats depending on the prime part we sell: 15, 25, 45, 65 and 100 Ducats.

You will find specific information about prices on Ducats of any Prime part in the table I have prepared. These prices can change in time, this does not happen so often but will do, trust me. But do not worry Tenno, I always try to keep my data up to date.

Prime PartDucats Value
Akbronco Prime Blueprint15
Akbronco Prime Link45
Aklex Prime Blueprint45
Aklex Prime Link100
Akstiletto Prime Barrel45
Akstiletto Prime Blueprint100
Akstiletto Prime Link45
Akstiletto Prime Receiver45
Ankyros Prime Blade65
Ankyros Prime Blueprint15
Ankyros Prime Gauntlet15
Ash Prime Blueprint45
Ash Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Ash Prime Neuroptics Blueprint45
Ash Prime Systems Blueprint65
Banshee Prime Blueprint45
Banshee Prime Chassis Blueprint100
Banshee Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Banshee Prime Systems Blueprint100
Bo Prime Blueprint15
Bo Prime Handle45
Bo Prime Ornament15
Boar Prime Barrel45
Boar Prime Blueprint15
Boar Prime Receiver15
Boar Prime Stock100
Boltor Prime Barrel15
Boltor Prime Blueprint100
Boltor Prime Receiver45
Boltor Prime Stock15
Braton Prime Barrel15
Braton Prime Blueprint25
Braton Prime Receiver45
Braton Prime Stock15
Bronco Prime Barrel45
Bronco Prime Blueprint15
Bronco Prime Receiver15
Burston Prime Barrel45
Burston Prime Blueprint15
Burston Prime Receiver15
Burston Prime Stock15
Carrier Prime Blueprint15
Carrier Prime Carapace15
Carrier Prime Cerebrum65
Carrier Prime Systems15
Cernos Prime Blueprint45
Cernos Prime Grip15
Cernos Prime Lower Limb100
Cernos Prime String45
Cernos Prime Upper Limb15
Dakra Prime Blade65
Dakra Prime Blueprint45
Dakra Prime Handle15
Dual Kamas Prime Blade100
Dual Kamas Prime Blueprint15
Dual Kamas Prime Handle45
Ember Prime Blueprint100
Ember Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Ember Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Ember Prime Systems Blueprint45
Euphona Prime Barrel45
Euphona Prime Blueprint15
Euphona Prime Receiver100
Fang Prime Blade15
Fang Prime Blueprint15
Fang Prime Handle25
Fragor Prime Blueprint65
Fragor Prime Handle65
Fragor Prime Head15
Frost Prime Blueprint100
Frost Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Frost Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Frost Prime Systems Blueprint45
Galatine Prime Blade15
Galatine Prime Blueprint100
Galatine Prime Handle45
Glaive Prime Blade45
Glaive Prime Blueprint100
Glaive Prime Disc45
Helios Prime Blueprint45
Helios Prime Carapace15
Helios Prime Cerebrum100
Helios Prime Systems Blueprint45
Hikou Prime Blueprint15
Hikou Prime Pouch15
Hikou Prime Stars15
Kavasa Prime Collar Band45
Kavasa Prime Collar Blueprint45
Kavasa Prime Collar Buckle65
Latron Prie Stock15
Latron Prime Barrel15
Latron Prime Receiver15
Lex Prime Barrel15
Lex Prime Blueprint25
Lex Prime Receiver15
Loki Prime Blueprint15
Loki Prime Chassis Blueprint45
Loki Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Loki Prime Systems Blueprint100
Mag Prime Blueprint100
Mag Prime Chassis Blueprint45
Mag Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Mag Prime Systems Blueprint15
Nekros Prime Blueprint100
Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Nekros Prime Neuroptics Blueprint45
Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint100
Nikana Prime Blade100
Nikana Prime Blueprint65
Nikana Prime Hilt100
Nova Prime Blueprint15
Nova Prime Chassis Blueprint100
Nova Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Nova Prime Systems Blueprint15
Nyx Prime Blueprint15
Nyx Prime Chassis Blueprint100
Nyx Prime Neuroptics Blueprint100
Nyx Prime Systems Blueprint15
Oberon Prime Blueprint45
Oberon Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Oberon Prime Neuroptics Blueprint100
Oberon Prime Systems Blueprint100
Odoanta Prime Systems Blueprint15
Odonata Prime Blueprint45
Odonata Prime Harness Blueprint15
Odonata Prime Systems Blueprint15
Odonata Prime Wings Blueprint65
Orthos Prime Blade45
Orthos Prime Blueprint45
Orthos Prime Handle15
Paris Prime Blueprint15
Paris Prime Grip45
Paris Prime Lower Limb15
Paris Prime String15
Paris Prime Upper Limb25
Reaper Prime Blade45
Reaper Prime Bleprint15
Reaper Prime Handle15
Rhino Prime Blueprint100
Rhino Prime Chassis Blueprint65
Rhino Prime Neuroptics Blueprint45
Rhino Prime Systems Blueprint15
Saryn Prime Blueprint65
Saryn Prime Chassis Blueprint100
Saryn Prime Neuroptics Blueprint45
Saryn Prime Systems Blueprint15
Scindo Prime Blade100
Scindo Prime Blueprint45
Scindo Prime Handle45
Sicarus Prime Barrel15
Sicarus Prime Blueprint15
Sicarus Prime Receiver100
Silva & Aegis Prime Blade45
Silva & Aegis Prime Blueprint45
Silva & Aegis Prime Guard100
Silva & Aegis Prime Hilt15
Soma Prime Barrel15
Soma Prime Blueprint15
Soma Prime Receiver45
Soma Prime Stock100
Spira Prime Blade100
Spira Prime Blueprint15
Spira Prime Pouch100
Sybaris Prime Barrel100
Sybaris Prime Blueprint15
Sybaris Prime Receiver45
Sybaris Prime Stock15
Tigris Prime Barrel45
Tigris Prime Blueprint100
Tigris Prime Receiver45
Tigris Prime Stock15
Trinity Prime Blueprint45
Trinity Prime Chassis Blueprint45
Trinity Prime Neuroptics Blueprint25
Trinity Prime Systems Blueprint15
Valkyr Prime Blueprint15
Valkyr Prime Chassis Blueprint100
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics Blueprint45
Valkyr Prime Systems Blueprint100
Vasto Prime Barrel15
Vasto Prime Blueprint15
Vasto Prime Receiver15
Vauban Prime Blueprint100
Vauban Prime Chassis Blueprint100
Vauban Prime Neuroptics Blueprint100
Vauban Prime Systems Blueprint100
Vectis Prime Barrel15
Vectis Prime Blueprint45
Vectis Prime Receiver100
Vectis Prime Stock65
Venka Prime Blade15
Venka Prime Blueprint45
Venka Prime Gauntlet100
Volt Prime Blueprint25
Volt Prime Chassis Blueprint45
Volt Prime Neuroptics Blueprint65
Volt Prime Systems Blueprint45
Wyrm Prime Blueprint15
Wyrm Prime Carapace15
Wyrm Prime Cerebrum15
Wyrm Prime Systems45
Ballistica Prime Blueprint100
Ballistica Prime Lowe Limb15
Ballistica Prime Upper Limb45
Ballistica Prime Receiver45
Ballistica Prime String45
Hydroid Prime Blueprint45
Hydroid Prime Neuroptics Blueprint45
Hydroid Prime Systems100
Hydroid Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Nami Skyla Prime Blueprint15
Nami Skyla Prime Blade100
Nami Skyla Prime Handle45
Mirage Prime Blueprint100
Mirage Prime Chassis Blueprint15
Mirage Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Mirage Prime Systems Blueprint45
Akbolto Prime Blueprint15
Akbolto Prime Link45
Akbolto Prime Barrel45
Akbolto Prime Receiver100
Kogake Prime Blueprint45
Kogake Prime Gauntlet100
Kogake Prime Boot15
Zephyr Prime Bllueprint100
Zephyr Prime Chassis Blueprint45
Zephyr Prime Neuroptics Blueprint15
Zephyr Prime Systems Blueprint100
Tiberon Prime Blueprint45
Tiberon Prime Barrel100
Tiberon Prime Receiver15
Tiberon Prime Stock100
Krokur Prime Blueprint15
Krokur Prime Blade100
Krokur Prime Hilt45

Taking advantage of this topic, let me now talk about what Tenno tends to name “prime junk”. You will see, if you have not seen it yet, that many Tenno are offering or demanding “prime junk” on batches of five. Actually most Tenno will agree that this means that buyer can not choose which prime parts accepts or refuses, the buyer has to accept whatever the seller puts in the trade, but 5 prime parts are mandatory.

There is some confusion around this, right now Tenno use this sentences when buying or selling Prime Junk: “WTB or WTS prime junk 5x10p”; “WTB or WTS prime junk 5 = 10p”. Or any other variation of this sentences.

I will try to show the different points of view in a prime junk trade and talk about what should or should not do in these situations:

e.g.: If I am buying, I will do it for 10 plats (for example), and I will accept 5 random prime parts for that price, I can not say “I don’t want that part, change it” or “put something different, you already sold me four Lex Prime Blueprints”. I can always say “sorry, but I don’t want to buy more”.

e.g.: If I am selling, I will set a price, whatever is fine for me, but I must sell prime parts in batches of five, if you do not have those five prime parts, you are wasting everyone’s time. Besides, changing the price while trading in the Dojo is a bad idea, that will upset buyers, and can be understood as you are trying to scam other Tenno.

Why Tenno would buy prime junk? Ducats, they usually buy it when the merchant Ki’Teer is approaching the Relay. So, I wonder, if Tenno wants prime junks for Ducats, and we have seen in the list above that there are five different prices from 15 to 100 Ducats per part, why do not we split prices per prime junk based on its ducat value?

I mean, If I want to buy five parts of 15 Ducats value, that means I will be paying for 75 Ducats, which would be the price for that? Will be 10p? What if I want to buy 25 ducats parts (125D), which should be the price? Will be 10p too? So briefly, I will show you these different situations:

Ducats per partPrice in PlatinumTotal Ducats of a batch of 5
RandomAround 10 platinumRandom

Now that you can see it, would you be interested on buying specific Ducats amounts? If so, how much would you pay for the different tiers? Think that we are paying around 2 plats each prime part right now. Also, this could change how we currently buy ducats, what do you think about it?

John Maynard (Oberon)

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